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Beauties of the Emperor (2013)

Beauties of the Emperor

the series told the story of Leer and her journey. originally the beloved daughter of a weapon dealer, she came in contact with a general called Yunkuang. they fell in love at first sight, but her knowledge and independent personality sometimes threatened the male pride. her adopted sister Miaoge was since young, jealous of her good fortune and had the intention of taking everything from her. when she found out that Leer and Yunkuang were in love, Miaoge did all she can to intercept so he would fall in love with her instead.

while in general sense, Miaoge was consider the bad guy compared to Leer. but even in that sense, it was often difficult to hate Miaoge for who she had become. with her parents dead, she was accepted into Leer's family but other than Leer, everyone else treated her as an outsider. she fought for what she wanted and it was acceptable, even understandable under the circumstances. Leer on the other hand, was brought up with plenty of love and sometimes naive and idealistic. but because of her confidence and independence personality, she was able to handle the job of an Empress, putting the people before her very own needs. the series started out slow, but soon increased its pace and compensated with the intensity of the plot.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 35
- director: 李惠珠, 成志超
- released: 2013
- casts: 明道, 陈乔恩, 罗晋, 袁珊珊, 金莎, 田亮, 李智楠, 林园, 吴岱融, 任学海, 陈晓
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Drama

- 美人心计 (2010)
- 唐宮美人天下 (2011)
- 山河恋·美人无泪 (2012)
- 王的女人 (2013)

Beauties of the Emperor
Beauties of the Emperor
Beauties of the Emperor
Beauties of the Emperor
Beauties of the Emperor

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  1. I have seen one of the main actresses acting before. She's really good. :D