Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Beauty World (2011)

Beauty World

the story started with the mysterious death of the Emperor's newborn daughter. her mother Meiniang was ferocious. and since the princess was last visited by the Empress, she was the most suspicious person in the palace. before she was sentenced to death, her former lover Chongyan and her best friend Xiner, came into the palace to investigate. one case lead to another, they soon found out that the palace was far more complicated than what they expected.

the series was unexpectedly enjoyable, having little dull moments since the very beginning. the mysterious cases and its investigation kept the story going. i was slightly disappointed with the little involvement from Meiniang, who later became the Empress. but fortunately Xiner and Chongyan continued to be entertaining if not mysterious with a hint of fantasy and supernatural twist. at some point, even the Emperor seemed like the bad guy and it kept us guessing until the very end.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episodes: 45
- director: 于正
- released: 2011
- casts: 张庭, 明道, 李小璐, 郑国霖, 吕佳容, 何晟铭, 周牧茵, 杨幂, 佟丽娅, 王丽坤, 熊乃瑾
- language: Mandarin
- genre: Drama

- 美人心计 (2010)
- 唐宮美人天下 (2011)
- 山河恋·美人无泪 (2012)
- 王的女人 (2013)

Beauty World
Beauty World
Beauty World
Beauty World
Beauty World

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