Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Defiance #2: Deception (2013)


with only a handful of people surviving the attack of the Cursed One, Logan was voted the new leader and led his people into the dangerous wasteland, away from their walled city Baalboden. their ragged group of survivors struggled to reach Lankenshire, another city that hopefully will accept them. the cruel Commander and his Carrington's army remained constant on their tail, chasing after the device that had the ability to control the Cursed One, now hanging on Logan's neck. but their problems intensify when someone inside their own group was killing them one by one.

while i thoroughly enjoyed its first book, the series became unexpectedly dull in this second installment. while it was interesting watching the new leaders trying to sort out their people, protecting them, figuring out who the enemy was, it dragged on for slightly too long as i waited and waited for them to reach Lankenshire for another new phase of story. unfortunately almost right after they reach the new town, the book ended, left me feeling somewhat disappointed. while Logan and Rachel remained in the spotlight, Quinn however, became the most lovable character in this installment.

author: C.J. Redwine
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Defiance series:
- Defiance (2012)
- Deception (2013)
- Deliverance (2014)

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