Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Demon Kissed #3: Torn (2011)


the story picked up from where Cursed (2011) left off. after going through mazes in the Underworld, Ivy finally met Kreturus, the Demon Lord deep in Hell who wanted Ivy as his bride. but the prophecy said Ivy would defeat Kreturus and became Demon Queen herself. as confusing as that was, Ivy was shocked to find Kreturus took no physical form. with her Valefar boyfriend, Collin trapped by Kreturus, Ivy couldn't risk saving him as Kreturus took possession of his body just moments ago, she decided to remove herself from the prophecy by killing herself. but when she woke up, she found herself half healed by an angel named Lorren.

while the second book focused on Ivy's adventure in the Underworld, facing different challenges and terrifying creatures, the third book started out with the introduction of an angel. the added twist was discovering Lorren lived in the Underworld. like its previous sequels, the first half of the book started out being over elaborated, sometimes long-winded due to the repetitive circumstances that it got slightly suffocating. but again, curiosity pulled me through the book and it was absolutely rewarding. it had become easier and easier to finish each book of the series in one sitting, enjoying every second half of it to its extend. the plot never did stray far from the path that it was expected to take, yet with the added twists and turns, they were completely impossible to predict as well.

author: H.M. Ward
published: 2011
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Demon Kissed series:
- Demon Kissed (2011)
- Cursed (2011)
- Torn (2011)
- Satan's Stone (2012)
- The 13th Prophecy (2012)
- Assassin: Fall of the Golden Valefar (2012)
- Valefar Vol. 1: Demon Kissed Novella (2011)
- Valefar Vol. 2: Demon Kissed Novella (2012)

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