Thursday, November 21, 2013

Demon Kissed #4: Satan's Stone (2012)

Satan's Stone

Ivy was half Martis, half Valefar, and also the Prophecy One. while Celestial Silver could killed the Valefar and Brimstone the Martis, Ivy could only die from Sapphire Serum. when she decided to end herself to remove the role of the Prophecy One, she was saved by Lorren the Angel. the Prophecy would took place with or without her as the Prophecy One. finally accepting who she was, Ivy was determine to end Kreturus life, but before that, she need to find the Satan's Stone, a stone that stored the demon lord's power and had the ability to absorb the remaining Sapphire Serum that Lorren was unable to remove from her body.

unlike the previous sequels, this book started out with Ivy on her Eric-killing mission. after being stopped by Lorren, she escaped the Underworld with her Valefar sister, Apryl who happened to be waiting at the portal she was approaching. Collin, her Valefar boyfriend that she could no longer trust, had been hiding most of the Valefar abilities from her, because every ability had its price, a pain to suffer, a price to pay. now that Apryl was with her, together with the Demon Princess that lured her into a bargain, Ivy was finally revealed the many abilities she never knew she had. throughout the series, the most memorable moment had to be when Ivy realized how important Collin was to her, their bloodlust was nothing compared to the bond they shared and it made my eyes watered.

author: H.M. Ward
published: 2012
genre: Paranormal/Romance

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