Friday, November 29, 2013

Premeditated (2013)


Dinah was very close with her cousin Claire since childhood, until she had to move away to another town. one day, she received the news that Clare cut her wrists, fell in the washroom and hit her head. since then, Claire had been in coma, while Dinah waited for the miracle of her waking up again to tell her what happen. with the intention of staying close to Claire, Dinah moved in with her Uncle and Aunty, even enrolled in Claire's high school. accidentally she found Claire's diary and discovered the story behind. she sought out the killer, waiting to bring him to justice.

the book started out slightly overwhelming as it introduced quite an amount of characters. but as soon as these characters formed their images in my head, the book became a very fast read. it was unexpectedly intense, trailing behind Dinah in search of the killer. while she could use the name to track, Brooks didn't feel like the bad guy since the very beginning, which had gotten even worst as the book neared its end as more and more good sides of his were exposed. in a way, it felt rewarding knowing the bad guy wasn't who we anticipated it to be, or at least led to believe through Dinah's eyes.

author: Josin L. McQuein
published: 2013
genre: Mystery/Thriller

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