Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Millroad Academy Exorcists #1: Exorcising Aaron Nguyen (2013)

Exorcising Aaron Nguyen

Aaron was a student at a Catholic Academy who got his head smashed in the toilet. his murder caused the boarding school to shut down for a week, for the police to find the killer. but before they managed to get the to bottom of the case, another student plunged down the school building and barely alive. Georgia and her friend, Hiroki who could see ghosts, wanted to uncover the mystery as they watched Aaron's spirit took vengeance into his own hand.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review and managed to finish the book in one sitting. it took a little getting used to as the story started, circling the life of Georgia and Hiroki, the odd if not awkward duo. while Georgia was fond of Hiroki, he never showed interest in romance towards anyone. it was actually fun and believing watching them. when things started involving Aaron's spirit, things suddenly flew by in a very fast pace, which made it somewhat surprising when i reached the end of the investigation. i was pleased to find the book a satisfying read, which made waiting for book 2 even more difficult.

author: Lauren Harris
published: 2013
genre: Mystery/Paranormal

- Exorcising Aaron Nguyen (2013)

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