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War of Desire (2011)

War of Desire

Fengyan was an orphan girl adopted into the Ning family. she became great friends with Caidie, the only child of Ning family. they were both in love with Feihung, their childhood friend, where Feihung returned Fengyan's love. one day, due to certain circumstances, Fengyan replaced Caidie on her tasks of entering the palace to become the emperor's concubine. being in the palace, Fengyan slowly changed as she schemed for attention and power among the concubines, where Caidie joined soon after.

despite having 49-episodes, the series was fast paced and easily watched in one sitting if possible. it was a tale of 3 friends, focusing on their friendship and love as they went through trials in the palace, fighting for survival. things were much more simpler before Caidie joined Fengyan in the palace. her original intention of fighting against Fengyan soon became purely survival. in the end when they thought things could returned to them being children, they couldn't. in many ways, Fengyan and Caidie were opposite characters. Fengyan was tough and often reflective, while Caidie remained innocent and idealistic at times. as for Feihung, he often gave up everything for these 2 girls, even the Emperor's seat. he remained the most frustrating character to watch among the trio.

some backgrounds on the drama:
- episode: 49
- director: 刘仕裕
- released: 2011
- casts: 郑爽, 张翰, 白冰, 李肖宁, 牛丽燕, 战鹤文, 商天娥, 张默, 孟霞, 李修贤, 李妍锡, 安宁, 富俊峰, 曹媛媛, 林爽, 于佳加
- language: English
- genre: drama

War of Desire
War of Desire
War of Desire
War of Desire
War of Desire

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