Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bloodlines #3: The Indigo Spell (2013)

The Indigo Spell

after fighting to free herself from the Warriors of Light, Sydney found herself struggling to draw the lines between her Alchemist teachings and following her heart. Ms Terwilliger was Sydney's history teacher, whom one day revealed to her about herself knowledge about the vampires while forcing Sydney to learn magic. despite her original refusal to get involved in magic due to the Alchemist teachings, Sydney wasn't given a choice when she knew that these spells could very well save her during the increasing amount of dangerous situations she found herself landed in these days.

after reading the third book of the series, Sydney had became even more lovable, which seeing how much i already root for her, never thought possible. from her flawless and responsible characteristics, she felt more human when it came to Adrian, the only person she couldn't hide her feelings from. when Marcus appeared, everything became a mess as he threatened her Alchemist beliefs and wanted her to break free from the rules. not forgetting her initial rejection for magic, which now turned into sometimes that supported her and kept her safe in opposed to other powerful witches. fortunately, it was all these complications that made Sydney's life so interesting and irresistible.

author: Richelle Mead
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Bloodlines series:
- Adrian's Lost Chapter (2011)
- Bloodlines (2011)
- The Golden Lily (2012)
- The Indigo Spell (2013)
- The Fiery Heart (2013)
- Silver Shadows (2014)

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