Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Dollhouse Asylum (2013)

The Dollhouse Asylum

the story took place in a world where a flesh-eating virus wiped out part of the human populations. Cheyenne found herself in Elysian Fields, a place cut off from the world that they were safe from the terrifying virus. together with 7 other couples, she had a chance of survival. the person that brought them together was Teo, an older man that Cheyenne fell for. however, he felt distant now that he called himself their Director. everyone was given a new identity, names that reflect the most tragic romances in stories. they had to prove themselves worth it for the vaccine Teo held.

i felt cheated into struggling through the book because of its stunning cover. the backdrop was unusual enough for a difficult start, a challenge to our imaginations, but the mass amount of characters only made it worst. given that they were monitored and controlled by Teo, multiple of the characters hid their true intentions towards Cheyenne, which further complicated stuff. as disturbing as the psychotic if not sadistic side of Teo was, it kept the story interesting and flowing. the rest of the pages were slow and often over elaborated. the never ending internal struggles Cheyenne had towards Teo was tiring to watch. while Teo treated them his puppets, she still felt something for him, which was just unimaginably odd and difficult to relate to, at the same time also making her impossibly naive.

author: Mary Gray
published: 2013
genre: Fantasy/Romance

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