Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Language of Souls (2012)

The Language of Souls

Solena set out on a journey into hostile territory in search of rare herb to cure her grandfather's sickness. however, she ran into Rundan, a scouting soldier and before she knew, she was captured, being accused of being a spy, and brought to the commander. as a soldier, Rundan struggled to please his father, the commander. he ordered Rundan to bring the trespasser to the royal court, where she would be executed. along the way, Rundan found himself wanting to protect Solena. in return, Solena saved him by sharing her votif with him.

despite the foreign backdrop, the book was a fast read. Solena and Rundan were from different places, making their languages different and had a difficult time communicating. however, for their different cultures, the votif meant the existing of their souls. the embers inside brought life to those they loved, often family members. during their difficult journey, Rundan almost died while protecting Solena from a ruthless soldier. to save his life, Solena shared half of her embers with Rundan, bringing him back to life. it significantly showed a growing feeling they held for each other, which was so pure and came from the bottom of their heart. it was very satisfying to find them in each others' arms when the journey finally came to an end.

author: Lena Goldfinch
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Romance

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