Sunday, December 01, 2013

The Naturals (2013)

The Naturals

Cassie was good at reading people, piecing together the tiniest details, she was able to tell who and what that person was like. it wasn't an ability she paid attention to since she had it since young. sometimes it annoyed her, but most of the time, it caused her to keep to herself. but things changed when she was approached by a FBI agent. she was invited to a classified program where they trained teenagers with special abilities to crack cold cases. in the house, she met with Michael who could read emotions, Lia who could detect lies, Sloan who was obsessed with statistics, and Dean who was like her, a profiler.

at first, the story felt like an introduction to Cassie's abilities and her involvements with the others Naturals, blending together with friendship and romance. but when they started to work on cold cases, things started to get intense. from discovering Dean's serial killer father, to being targeted by her mother's killer from 5 years ago. although each of the Naturals had such interesting abilities, it was a pity that there weren't enough time to elaborate of each of the characters. having knwon that none of them joined voluntarily like Cassie had me wanting to know more about them. fortunately chasing after Cassie's mother's killer was equally enjoyable if not predictable, thus making the experience worthwhile.

author: Jennifer Lynn Barnes
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

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