Tuesday, February 04, 2014

Bloodlines #4: The Fiery Heart (2013)

The Fiery Heart

having been getting to know the Moroi and Dhampirs, Sydney found herself learning to trust them as well as becoming their friend. it was even more complicated when Adrian and her shared a different bond, which eventually led to the utmost important decision Sydney had to make. when they finally ended up together, her sister Zoe, a new Alchemist assigned to aid her, became suspicious. as much as Sydney tried to warm up to her, the mass amount of secrets she had to keep from Zoe made it impossible.

seeing Adrian and Sydney together was surprisingly heartwarming. the unlikely duo were so impossibly perfect for each other. the part that involved Marcus was somewhat annoying as he took no big part in Sydney's breaking the compulsion tattoo. Zoe was obviously the bad guy in this installment. but like Sydney when she was first assigned to Palm Springs, she was weary of being around so many Moroi and Dhampirs due to her Alchemist teachings. as satisfying as the forth book was, finishing it left me feeling empty with its huge cliff hanger at the very end. now i just can't wait to lay my hands on the next book.

author: Richelle Mead
published: 2013
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Bloodlines series:
- Adrian's Lost Chapter (2011)
- Bloodlines (2011)
- The Golden Lily (2012)
- The Indigo Spell (2013)
- The Fiery Heart (2013)
- Silver Shadows (2014)

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