Saturday, February 08, 2014

Understudy (2013)


Kat's boyfriend, Adam died on his birthday. urging him to pick up the phone before the crash, Kat felt partially responsible for it. the phone call was from Adam's identical twin brother, Eric, whom Kat just learned existed. after the traumatic accident, Kat returned to the crash site to find Adam appearing in the woods nearby. at the same time, Eric enrolled in Kat's school, throwing Kat of her balance. despite being the dark sheep of the family, Eric had a secret behind his negativity. being the complete opposite of Adam, everyone hated him including Kat, until she realized the person behind that mask.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. the book was an absolute fast read. the mysteries kept the story flowing at a fast pace. the twins, the unspoken past, all the reasons that was soon patched together to make a clear picture of what Adam and Eric was like, and how Kat fit in between them. when Eric also found himself falling for Kat like his perfect brother did, it became even more engaging as i was curious how he could win her over. Kat on the other hand, was an average girl that mourned for her dead boyfriend in her own way. until the very end, i still couldn't figure out if Adam really appeared in the woods everyday or it was all mental. the spookiness added quite plenty of points to the seemingly typical romance.

author: Denise Kim Wy
published: 2013
genre: Romance

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