Monday, February 10, 2014

Uninvited #1: Uninvited (2014)


the HTS (Homicidal Tendency Syndrome) test was performed on everyone in the country. Davy was a teenage girl with a bright future until her HTS test came back positive. like all carriers, she had the kill gene, a genetic proof that she was destine to become a murderer. her parents were scared of her, her friend and boyfriend ditched her, and she was enrolled into a high school that puts carrier students in a caged classroom. just a few months before graduation, some carriers planned a massacre at a mall, causing all carriers to be sent off to camps, away from civilization.

the book was absolutely impressive and too good to be true! while it was first confusing with the whole idea of HTS, the fast pace plot kept the edge on and being so entertaining that the book was impossible to put down. Davy was such a beautiful character, especially after the gene test put her in some very dangerous situations. and Sean, a complete opposite of Davy, yet the perfect match for her. the relationship got even more tastier after they were sent to a program, training carriers to serve the country instead. it was brilliant that the story was split into parts, before Davy was tested positive, after she was tested positive and put back into school, and finally putting her in the isolated program. with the second installment unannounced, i can only imagine distracting myself until it happens.

author: Sophie Jordan
published: 2014
genre: Romance/Science Fiction

Uninvited series:
- Uninvited (2014)

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