Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dead Beautiful #3: Love Reborn (2014)

Love Reborn

the soul that Renee shared with Dante weren't enough to sustain the both of them. they were running out of time before they were dead. Renee had a legendary chest, a chest that contain the secret to eternal life. however, they had to solve the riddle, getting to the location in sequence and in time to obtain it. a team of Monitors led by Renee's granfather was pursuing them, as well as the Liberum and the Undead. Renee and Dante had to keep the chest safe at all cost. with the help of a mysterious man who left them letters and clues along the way, they found themselves traveling far distance for the precious secret.

having waited so long for the last book, i had a very difficult time getting back into the story. i remembered loving the previous two books, which very much had me disappointed with the third. it was perhaps caused by the difficulties that i had, failing for not being able to relive and enjoy it like i did the previous two. half way through the book, the chase across the wilderness suddenly seemed too painfully long to endure. i was pleased however, to have held on until the very end. the reward was satisfying enough to overrule the drag.

author: Yvonne Woon
published: 2014
genre: Fantasy/Romance

Dead Beautiful series:
- Dead Beautiful (2010)
- Life Eternal (2012)
- Love Reborn (2014)

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