Sunday, June 15, 2014

Mary Hades #1: Mary Hades (2014)

Mary Hades

after being released from the psychiatric hospital, Mary's parents decided that spending a holiday at the secluded Nettleby would do everyone good. Mary expected a boring week stuck in a caravan with her parents. fortunately she had Lacey, her best friend with her, even though Lacey was a ghost. Seth was a local, doing part-time at the small carnival in their village. not long after Mary reached Nettleby, deaths started occurring. when she went on a ride with Seth, things got furthermore out of hand, where the duo almost died. behind the handsome face, Mary found out that Seth was hiding a dark secret, a secret that could uncover the mysteries behind all these deaths.

i received a free e-book from the author in exchanged for a review. having been crazy over the prequel, i was delighted to find that it was only the beginning of a delicious series. this installment was another fast read, which i managed to finish in one sitting. Mary was a character easy to love and very believable as she struggled to whether trust her instinct or logic. although i choose Lacey over Seth, none of these were characters possible to dislike. even the terrifying Amy who gave me goosebumps, or the heartwarming Amy who brought tears to my eyes, were characters whose appearances were so welcoming. there were plenty of suspense and twists that i didn't see coming, often brought me to the edge of my seat, afraid to miss even one line of excitement. seeing how the book ended, i am now eager to find out how Mary and Lacey cope with their new ambition, putting her unique ability to use.

author: Sarah Dalton
published: 2014
genre: Horror/Mystery

Mary Hades series:
- My Daylight Monsters (2013)
- Mary Hades (2014)
- Possess (TBA)

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