Thursday, July 03, 2014

Defiance #3: Deliverance (2014)


Rachel was kidnapped by the Rowansmark trackers, who were taking her to their leader James Rowan; where else Logan was imprisoned in Lakenshire. although separated, they had to find a way to achieve mutual goals, to kill the cruel Commander and laid their hands on the tech that expel the deadly Cursed One. with Ian finding chances to kill her along the way, Rachel had to outsmart him by seeking an unlikely ally from Samuel, also a tracker of Rowansmark. on the other hand, Logan was released with the help of the Commander, not because they became friends, but because Logan held the knowledge the Commander required to control the deadly beasts.

despite all the pain and torture, Rachel had grown into such a courageous warrior and woman. Logan on the other hand, finally realized that it was time for him to open up to his comrades, putting trust in people that decided to make him their leader after Baalboden's fall. there were so much ups and downs throughout the series. it had also been such a painful wait to finally get my hands on the final installment. when everything finally came together and after i had shed enough tears over their pain and reunion, the wait was proven very much worthwhile. it was a series that i was happy to have come across and was even pleased to find myself feeling that i was with them every part of their journey.

author: C.J. Redwine
published: 2014
genre: Paranormal/Romance

Defiance series:
- Defiance (2012)
- Deception (2013)
- Deliverance (2014)
- Outcast: A Defiance Novella (2014)

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