Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Watchers #2: Vampire's Kiss (2012)

Vampire's Kiss

after surviving multiple tests against the other girls, who were also trained to become a Watcher like her, Annelise continued to fight for a place in the dangerous island. she became jealous when she suspected Amanda's relationship with Ronan, whom she fancy. but then there were also Yasuo when had a thing for her best friend Emma, and Joshua whom Vampire Alcantara assigned to teach her old German language. the mission asked for a lot of dedication from her but she would do anything she can to please the vampire.

second book into the series wasn't as captivating as i hoped. Annelise continued fight off threats thrown towards her, especially from the other girls. unlike the first book where her adventure was focused on trainings and survivals, the second book was all over the place. she believed she earned a place in Vampire Alcantara's heart, yet when she was sent off for a mission, she started having her doubts after meeting Vampire McCloud. despite little expectation i held for the next book, i couldn't stop feeling curious at how the story would progress from there.

author: Veronica Wolff
published: 2012
genre: Fantasy/Supernatural

The Watchers series:
- Isle of Night (2011)
- Vampire's Kiss (2012)
- Blood Fever (2012)
- The Keep (2013)
- Dark Craving (2013)

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