Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Michael Jackson: Bad (1987)

Michael Jackson: Bad (1987)

what happens when the classic "King of Pop" meets up with the "Pop Princess"?
they rock the stage !! yeah !! :D some says that MJ is freaky n disgusting with his "plastic surgery n skin bleaching". which he claimed to be false. he revealed that the change in his skin color was due to the disease "vitiligo". n keen diet makes it noticeable of the changes in the structure of his face.

others says that britney is fat n ugly. but who wasn't after having 2 babies in a row? (well despite the existence of the professional slimming company that is. :p) she has her mental issues to deal with. not easy being a woman, n definitely not easy when you are a career woman, the mum of 2 boys, n not having a husband to support you.

but wait .. why focus on their bad, while we can focus on what they had achieved? see how they rock the stage. try to recall their songs. doesn't they sang directly in your mind? tunes that you can't possibly forget? that proves how successful they are. we've all got issues to deal with. they were thrown around just because they are in the spotlight 24/7. their career, n their personal life sacrificed. imagine our personal life in the spotlight, can we be 100% sure that ours will be better written in the papers?

just my personal opinion, but they still rock to me !! :D

song title: The Way You Make Me Feel
song artist: Michael Jackson (MJ)
featuring: Britney Spears
album: Bad (MJ's 9th album)
song released: 1987
video released: 2001
genre: Pop/R&B

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