Wednesday, July 04, 2007


do you have someone around you that are never punctual? (yup, i do mean "never" ..)

i do. n yup it annoys me alright. ah well .. but i put up with it. each n every time of it. n when i wait, 15 minutes .. 30 minutes .. 1 hour passes by .. i'll confirm with myself: "I Must be Punctual !! Always !!". somehow it is a good way to practice my thoughts .. n erm .. my patience.

to me personally, being punctual shows the respect we have for that person. it shows the effort we put in to make it on-time. n how well we manage our time, is also an indication of how well we manage other tasks. bigger, more important tasks. how should we be trusted with these when we can't even manage our own time properly?

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