Thursday, July 19, 2007

Queen of the Damned (2002)

Queen of the Damned

being a big fan of Vampires, Anne Rice has always been one of my favorite Vampire authors. i do not enjoy stories that tells how brutal vampires kill or vampires running amok - the typical horror films. the ones that i was in search of - still am searching - are those describing the Lives of vampires. the lives of the creatures of the darkness.

plot: despite the movie title, it is more focus on the vampire - Lestat, instead of the Queen - Akasha. it showed the process of Lestat transforming into a vampire, by his creator - Marius. how he met with Akasha. why he hid from the world until the new age has emerged. n how he loves music n became a rock star, stirring battles between the vampires kinds, daring them to come out.

his thirst for life, for fame, for power awaken Akasha. Akasha is the Queen of all Vampires, the Queen of the Damned, she fused with the spirit Amel n became the first Vampire. there are many differences between the film n the novel. in my personal opinion, the novel is much more detailed n interesting. the film may served merely as an introduction. it contained too many incorrect information about vampires. portraying them as nothing more than brutal n heartless creatures. all vampires can fly? don't think so. vampires walking under the sun? doubts. just as this film has portray, i read a few that mentioned drinking from the older vampires can gives the younger ones more power or not burnt under the sun. but according to vampire studies, they cannot be exposed to sun in Any Ways. so .. maybe its just for the film effect.

some background on the movie:
- director: Michael Rymer
- novel by: Anne Rice
- released: 2002
- casts: Stuart Townsend, Aaliyah (1979-2001)
- language: English
- genre: Fantasy/Horror

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