Thursday, July 19, 2007


i have always been a Huge fan of Vampires. those closer to me said that i am obsessed with it, but i doubt it is that serious .. yet.

i had started noticing n holding interest towards these creatures since i was introduced through R.L.Stine's teenage horror novel, which sometimes feature the vampires. however, most of the stories portrayed the typical horror vampires - "vampires kill brutally" or "vampires running amok in town", etc.

as time passed by, i started searching through the adult sections. especially for novels that portrays the Lives of these children of the night. their transformation, their superhuman power. the mysterious air surrounding them, their seductive charm .. them hidden within the shadow of our world, come n go unnoticed by mortals.

to many, Vampires are merely legendary creatures. call me insane, but i believe they still exist among us. the thought of meeting a real vampire, or seeing one of the places they exist or appear in, rushes my adrenaline. i, too, am curious how it feel to be drank from. this thought occurred to me - that i don't mind being drink from, it is the sensation that i seek ..


  1. WalauA, cant belief u r a fan of vampire!!!
    do u still love them? any further study made on vampire existance?

  2. there are a lot of studies made, but then again .. these are only "studies", even from the theories, behaviours, habitat etc, there are no solid proof. there are existence of a believe called "vampirism" though. people who drank blood from other humans. it's like a religion thingy, n they worship blood, believing it can purify n cleansed their soul (like god). :)

  3. [R.L.Stine's teenage horror novel]

    Hey, I read that author's novels too.

    That was like many years ago though. During year 1995-1996 I think. :D

    I read quite a number of the fear street series and I don't recall anything about vampires.

    As for vampires living among us, perhaps you might be interested in checking out "Vampire: The Masquerade" ;)

    Try googling for it. :D

  4. if it's the game that you're referring to, i've played it. how can i let it escape my grasps ?? ;) however .. my disc isn't in a good shape, as i lend it from a friend. i ended up playing half way n it jammed. tried it couple of times n it still failed. i would still love to try it if i were to find another disc. :D

  5. Which game are you referring to?

    Redemption [much older one]


    Bloodlines? [more recent one, first person or third person view]

  6. bloodlines. it was when i was in college that i played. feel so good drinking those civilians' blood. *drools* ;E