Friday, July 06, 2007


i had a sudden urge to get a tattoo. what? does that surprised you?

i know i don't seemed like the type. probably don't quite suit the type either. but .. ah well, i have all these crazy ideas in my head. new ideas to discover. new things that i'm tempted to try out.

my curiosity towards tattoo didn't just starts today, nor yesterday. it had been in my thoughts for the recent years. though most of the time, it laid obediently at the back of my head, yet struggling to gain my attention at any chance it got. n succeed only when i saw listing of prices, or displays of tattoo patterns. some patterns are just so exotic !! *drools*

recently, i started asking for opinions of the people around me . people that are important to me (or at least they are now). majority gave me the "disapproval" vote. only one gave me a "fine". n tonight, i asked for the last vote. (yup, 1 vote matters.) not to my surprise, but another "disapproval" vote was casted. i go "aw .." inside my head for half a minute there.

i want it !! *stomps the floor*

the grass is always greener on the other side? nah .. grass will still be grass. weighting of these people that i care against tattoo itself, the latter lose without even being in sight. i suppose it is not important enough to win the battle. n so, the deal is off, up in smoke.

say no to tattoo. "aw .." (can't help it .. it ain't easy!)

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