Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Macross Zero マクロスゼロ (2002)

Macross Zero

honestly, i'm a robot-noob .. but since i don't ban it, it's a "why not" anime for me to watch. turns out that i can understand it more than i thought i can. love it best when they transformed completely !! *discovery mode: ON*

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 5
- director: Shoji Kawamori (河森正治)
- released: 2002
- language: Japanese
- genre: Science Fiction


  1. Macross Zero, I watched this in 2003, hehe.... great anime.... but not that good as gundam lor... hehe...

  2. strongly agree, gundam better! =D

  3. akira: wow, you actually remembered which year you watched it ??

    jing: being a gundam fan, you're Bias from the beginning !! *stab n dance away* :p

  4. yup, hehe, like Gundam W, I watched in 2002... hehe... Bleach started to watch in 2005, and Gundam Seed series also... hehe... others still in mind...

  5. at that moment when this macross zero was released, i was really stun by the CG, is really damn nice! the animation also very awesome. i tot it was only 4 ep? i also dun remember, but i know each ep really takes a lot of time to produce.

    gundam the story was good but the graphics of course aren't as good as macross 0, however the latest gundam00 the graphic has really improve a lot :D

    so i dun really think i like which one more coz both also i like! ;)

    there's 1 macross movie, dunno u watch before or not, let me find out the name and tell u coz i forgot liao:P

  6. akira: my my .. that is impressive !! XD

    yipguseng: gotta agree !! the human characters are the only thing that gave it away. i'm currently watching gundam00, getting more n more familiar with them !! ;) do let me know which anime you're referring to. *anticipating*

  7. hahaha... give me a chance to recall back which anime I watched before...

    1. Gundam W
    2. Gundam Seed
    3. Gundam Seed Destiny
    4. Gundam Seed Stargazer
    5. Gundam 00
    6. Macross
    7. Macross Zero
    8. Blood +
    9. Kekkaishi
    10. Black Cats
    11. Naruto
    12. Bleach
    13. One Piece
    14. Full Metal Alchemist
    15. Prince of Tennis
    16. Young Girl from Hell
    17. Death Note
    18. Kindaichi
    19. Conan Movies only
    20. Robot Wars
    21. Hikaru no Go
    22. Shaman King
    23. Detective Q
    24. Slam Dunk
    25. Dear Boys
    26. City Hunter
    27. Fist of the North Star
    28. Akira
    29. King of Fighters

    hmm, haha, in my minds got these anime I watched before lor... hehe...

  8. think is Macross Frontier

  9. akira: haha my my .. do you remembered everything ?? i do mean "everything" .. :p

    yipguseng: thanks !! gonna check it out. ;)

  10. haha, of course remembered then... because I really like to watch anime mar... hehe...

  11. i use to watch this movie when young, and also play this video game, quite addict to this game before... lol

  12. akira: haha my my .. remember anime but don't remember anger or sort yea. ;)

    icalvyb: wow there was a game ?? interesting !! :D