Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Gaming: Cabal

haven't been addicted to any Online Games since Maple. thanks to -mel- for introducing -Cabal- a game pretty much similar to Dungeon Siege or Diablo. had been a Dungeon Siege fan, therefore it is definitely captivating for me ..

死ぬ !!
opps missed ..

Me !! *sparkle*


  1. Noooo, stop playing right now... \

    Don't get addicted.....!!!!!


  2. wahsai, so free neh, can play online game lor... hehe....

  3. cometh: too late, already am .. :p

    akira: "all work and no play makes jack a dull boy". haha, excuses .. don't mind me. :p

  4. play cabal? What's your level now? (I didn't play)

  5. online game..last time ragnarok, then dragonraja, then helbreath, then gunbound, then maple, now....only WoW!! :D

  6. hahaha, I wish I can play also... waiting for Starcraft 2 to release... hehe...

  7. apple: i'm 40+ right now, can't remember the exact level. hehe. the level increment is quite fast, which is definitely a good thing. :p

    juliana: thanks for the tag !! will complete it as soon as i can. ;)

    yipguseng: i played gunbound too. can't stand the vulgars n quit soon after. XD another that i love is Fairyland. ;)

    akira: starcraft, i suppose it is a strategy game ?? *curious*

  8. Is this free to play?

    Got local server?

    Lag or not?

    I am playing Perfect World on local server now.

  9. cool looking character u have there...

  10. yup, Starcraft was once awarded the best game in the world before... and it will come again with Starcraft 2... A strategy game...

  11. deimos tel`arin: local server as in ?? the latest server is located in malaysia - cabalSEA. :)

    keong: thanks for the compliment !! ;)

    akira: nice !! i'm not much of a strategy gamer myself. more into role playing or fps. :D

  12. wow .. i'm a big fan to dungeon siege too ..
    just remember .. for Works and Worry or Guns and Glory ?

  13. Well, while all primary school students are so hot & addicted to the gameboy or PSP, but i know nothing bout this...can u imagine how out-dated m I in playing game, last game i played was red-alert!!!

  14. sani: "for Works and Worry or Guns and Glory" ?? issit some kinda code ?? *puzzled*

    amei79: C&C red alert !! i remembered playing it too. the only strategy that i ever played (without dying first) !! the nuclear thingy is my favorite army. XD