Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Demonbane デモンベイン (2006)


personally, i think the plot is quite a mess. the bad guys who was portrayed to be so powerful, all died too soon. not once, but one character can die many times. the most evil villain was reborn from a younger girl. he ended up becoming a good guy after he died (for the second time).

some backgrounds on the anime:
- episodes: 12
- director: Shoichi Masuo (昭一増尾)
- released: 2006
- language: Japanese
- genre: Science Fiction


  1. bloghop and visiting u here.

  2. just 12 episode???!!!!!=p

  3. noemi: thanks for dropping by.

    joshuaun: so you're a robot lover !! not much plot, but i guess you're going after the cool graphics. ;)

  4. I think I've seen that Anime before but it didn't leave much impression to me so it's probably a boring anime as much as I can recall

  5. 哇, 看起来好像很好看的咯... 又好像GUNDAM咯... 哈...

  6. I swear upon the flower of blessings.... (=.=")

    I really dont get what it means... hahahhaha...

    I rather enjoy the sexy bouncy characters.... lol

  7. elezend: it is indeed boring. in fact, i don't quite get what it's about. XD

    akira: 是比较不好看的 gundam 吧,哈哈!故事真得不怎么精彩,很可惜。

    keong: hahaha. there are quite a lot of weird phrases found in the anime. it's the summoning thingies. XD

  8. Looks like there are girls with nice body curves in this anime. O_O

  9. 哇, 给你讲到这样了, 我都不要去看咯.. 哈... 你有别部好看的, 就介绍给我吧... 嘻嘻...

  10. deimos: indeed there are quite a few !! in fact, those graphics (also the Deus Machina) are the only attraction for the anime. XD

    akira: 除非你好奇吧,呵呵,不然还是不看好了。唔,有更好的肯定会介绍!这部还有一个 OVA ,我下一次才放上来。

  11. Lol good body reminds me of Tenjou Tenge and I know quite a number of guys that enjoy the show due to nice body factor ^^

  12. loved it all .

    i've been always fan of anime

  13. elezend: talking about tenjou tenge, i enjoyed it a lot too !! definitely filled with many good bodies. XD

    ameo: gotta agree that the graphics are Really impressive !! :D