Tuesday, June 03, 2008


met this little fellow while having breakfast. very pushy !! "demanding" for food n love. won't stop snuggling n chewing at my fingers, simply adorable !! :D


  1. seems like he keep on asking food from u. hehe.

    coming from akira's blog.

  2. 它很可爱呢... 好像指定要跟你讨东西吃呢... 说真的, 你很有猫儿缘呢... 嘻嘻...

  3. meow~~~~~
    next time I got nothing to eat also can learn the kitty to beg you=p
    (but I think that is quite embrass)

  4. dragon: it does keep asking for it. greedy little fellow. XD thanks for dropping by !! *bow*

    akira: 是我利用它们的“弱点”吧,食物总能让它们给我乖乖过来。:P

    joshuaun: why not you just ask ?? i'm i can just share it with you. :)

  5. share with me "kitty food"???heheheehehXD

  6. Cute. :D

    One of the cats in your house hold is it?

    Or some stray cat while you are having breakfast outside? o_o

  7. that is really cure , loved that kitten

    although i'm not that pet guy ,, i still like their pictures

  8. 哈哈~~


  9. joshuaun: i'll be eating human food that's for sure. :P

    deimos: i only have 1 in my household - yuki. the rest are all strays that beg for food. XD

    ameo: furry animals does have a pretty comfy feelings to them. :)

    梦幻园主之雯: 哈哈,不是我的猫咪哦,是野猫来的。贪吃…我倒认了。:P

  10. But but but.. .I also am snuggly and chew at fingers...

    Which by the way means I am cute also.... =p

    Oh, wait...

    I am not a furry animal...



  11. U seem love cat alots.
    no wonder cat(s) love to approach so much...:)

  12. 哈哈, 你就用食物引诱我看看吧, 不懂我会不会过来呢... 嘻嘻...

  13. that kitty is cute <3

    But I don't like the responsibility of taking care of cats

    However if anyone in my house wants cat, they can keep it as long as i dont have to feed it

  14. Very clear. I now have new blog, do come and visit. Very nice, sure u like it, money back guaranteed, hehe

  15. cometh: you chew at fingers !! what exactly "are" you ?? XD

    amei: i love quite a lot of animals to be exact. XD able to understand cats more because of yuki. n there are a lot of strays to be found. :P

    akira: 怎么把自己当成小动物了,呵呵!小动物 AAAA … :P

    elezend: cats should be much easier to take care off compare to dogs, i suppose. mine runs wild everyday, when he's hungry, he comes back n meows. XD

    alvincheng: which one is your main blog ?? i've been to some of it only n got kinda lost. :P

  16. Suddenly a thought came to me...Sarawak.. kuching... isn't it like a cat city? I remember all my gifts from that place are all cats...

  17. Levian, hahahahahaha...I really laughed at your reaction to Cometh's comment--what are you?! :P

  18. marcus: bullseye !! kuching, kucing. however it is a "myth" that we have more cats here than any other place in the world. it's amazing to find people really believe it. :P

    宝茹: haha !! i was trying to imagine "chewy but not furry". it was weird !! XD

  19. @levian We have a cat too but not really ours (We don't even have a name for it) It will just come to our house during dinner time and meow meow asking for food and leave when it wants to -.-

    @marcus They have all the cat statues there too and the name of the city sounds very much like a cat.. kuching (place name) and kucing (cat)

  20. 哈哈, 可以啊, 因为我想吃咯... 小动物 AAAA? 是什么动物呢? 哈哈... 狮子? 哈...

  21. elezend: talking about come n go as they like, my aunt has a cat like yours. not hers, but she fed it. you're bunch of kind people !! :D

    akira: 你的名字越来越长了,我也不知道是什么动物了。XD