Monday, June 02, 2008


ignorantly turning my back on the last 2 gloomy-days. grieving for the past has been devastating. but as speedy as gloominess approached, happiness follows closely behind. today was a total turnaround, unexpectedly .. Magical !!

thanks to -piggy- (though you might be too busy to read this) for making my day, making all the somberness became worthwhile, making the happiness even happier. thanks for the wand-waving transformation, my seemingly normal day had turned special, n enchanted.



  1. okaeri.......=)
    the photo you take is nice=)

  2. 来, 给你个抱抱吧, 不要去忧虑那么多哦... *HUG*

  3. Glad to hear that you are doing better now. ;)

    Thanks for the mention and link love yo! :D


    Apa maksud ni ? o_o

  4. Nice to have you back

    I don't like CJ7 cause it's still conquering the market (plushie, toy, bla bla bla) plus it's ugly

    Buy more rice. rice price raise.

  5. joahuaun: thanks !! :) (i kinda .. change the photograph, gonna use the previous photograph for another post. hehe.)

    akira: 谢谢关心哦,呵呵!:)

    deimos: "感謝しています" meant feeling thankful. hehe. thanks for the concern. :)

    elezend: thanks too, hehe. ugly .. that wouldn't be pleasant to be heard by a cj7 lover. XD i didn't "love" it either, just a normal plushy to me. a friend got it from a donation, gave it to me with the intention to cheer me up. it is that "intention" that i decided to hang it on my mobile. ;)

  6. 不用谢我哦... 我相信你也是一样会在我困难中支持我的吧, 对吗?

  7. yeah it's ugly. Good to have friends that will cheer you up when you're not feeling well :)

  8. akira: 嗯,我会尽我的全力!:)

    elezend: with all the emotional supports received, it definitely felt much more easier to deal with. :)

  9. 嗯, 那就要谢谢你先咯... 嘻嘻... 放心吧, 我比较会处理压力的... 嘻嘻... 可是我有问题不能解决时, 我一定讲出来, 看看你有没有点子咯...

  10. 我还没看过你有压力呢,呵呵!嗯,能帮的,我肯定尽量!;)

  11. woah.. i dun remember i did anyting? did i??

    glad i made u happy in a way tat i forgotten *hugs*

  12. you gave me a virtual-hug when i was down, hehe. that's all it matters to me. ;)