Thursday, June 12, 2008


i still remembered clearly the day she told me "one day i might just disappear, until i settled down you will not hear from me". my fists tighten, i had to restrain myself from slapping her in the face. after i'd recovered from the shock, she was of course warned, to tell me everything even if she were to disappear into thin air this very minute ..

since the conversation, i feared when any incidents occur. i feared of losing her to nothing. she isn't as expressive with emotions as i'm, nor does she voices out her anger until she is cornered.

"i may not be good with words, but -bun-, i'll always be there to support you in anyways that i can. even if i had to turn my back on our parents, i'll do it for You, have no doubt of that. i promise .."

(for more details, read Dreaded .. )

i believe i'm real, for i do not fake myself. -baboon- once told me "you're a good friend". n with all my heart, i hope he is correct ..

力を借用する ..


  1. early mornig but not so early???
    what is that mean????

    too physiology......=p

  2. 失去一个人的感觉真的很不好受的, 可是你也不要去想那么多了, 担心那么多也是没有用的啊. 乖, 没事的. ^^

    嗯, 现在你应该做的, 就是去支持你姐姐哦. 祝福她...

  3. This is early in the morning

    At the old market ^^ I bet you know where's the place

    There are just some people who think ahead of time (I'm one too) and at least disappearing with a warning is better than none

  4. disappearing is sometimes more helpful that being around except if there is strong relation between the 2 people

  5. joshua: i'm just trying to sound catchy. what's early for me doesn't mean its early for others. *chuckles* :P

    elmer: thanks for dropping by.

    akira: 嗯,不管发生什么事,永远都会支持她的!即使在最坏的情况下,也不想失去她…

    elezend: is it somewhere in miri ?? *looking at the other pictures too* indeed disappearing with a warning is better. but once you plant that thought into the other person, it'll always haunt them. *hugging my head*

    ameo: she's my sister, i don't want her disappearing. *shaking my head*

  6. [力を借用する]

    What mean? Strength? Borrow?

    Regarding the image, it either looks like the sun is coming up, or going down. XD

    Regarding your text, I have no idea what you are talking about. -_-

    [i believe i'm real, for i do not fake myself.]

    After checking out your blog posts daily for some time, I believe that you are sincere and not fake. :D

    For the rest of the article, I dunno what you are talking about. -_-

  7. *拍拍你肩膀*, 没事的. 我们也会陪在你身边的哦... 你自己也是要加油哦!

  8. deimos: yup !! [力を借用する] meant "lend me strength".

    [After checking out your blog posts daily for some time, I believe that you are sincere and not fake.] thank you !! *tears*

    regarding the image, it was indeed sunrise, for i was heading to work. XD as for the text, i'd added explanation (or more accurately, a link Dreaded) to clarify the "story". sorry for the confusion. :)

    akira: 谢谢哦,有你们的支持,真是我最大的安慰!:)

    this music can bring you a hope

    takes time to listen it, if you interested=)

  10. where is tat place? u wake up so early oh.. 0.o

  11. Yes it is in Miri. Somewhere near the market's KFC (the only 24 hours fast food restaurant in Miri, lol)

  12. joshua: i think 7 ?? can't quite remember. n thanks for the classical, that's very sweet of you. :)

    sally: it's the flyover at 3rd mile, heading towards boulevard. :D

    elezend: oh, i suppose you didn't get to read my reply on the other post. i'm not in miri, i'm in kuching. was there for a visit earlier this year when i took those previous photographs. hehe.

    sharon: thanks. :)

  13. I read that but how can you not go to the old market while you're in miri? o.o

    it's like one of the must go places when youre in miri

  14. i did. but how can i recognized it from one visit alone ?? :P therefore your photographs still seemed rather new to me.

  15. blue denube

    for beginner, it is more easier to accept it=)

    want to listen a classical music that use 'canon'???

    the real canon!I means the canon that use to war!!!!

    wanna listen?=)

  16. I went to kuching last year o.o we lived near the waterfront at john's place XD!

    I didn't update flickr account for quite a while

  17. joshua: sure !! am glad you care to introduce me to your "lover". ;)

    elezend: is Harbour View the hotel that you're referring to ?? john's place sounds familiar, i knew its around that area .. somewhere, but can't seemed to recall the exact shoplot. *dizziness*

  18. John's place is located on the left shoplots (beside harbour view) that place is okay.. quite okay except they don't have two single bed's room T.T

    Price: less than RM 100 ^^

  19. oh, you meant the small shoplot which is designed to have borneo style ?? i suppose those are for .. *eherm* .. couples. :P

  20. Not the borneo style I think.. it's more like the normal ones. Opposite of the shoplot is some primary school

  21. among the old shoplots behind Harbour View ?? where there are pubs n restaurants n stuffs ??

  22. i think those shop lots are quite new. there's a hill beside the shop lot i stayed in where you walk up and you can see 7-11

  23. oh !! that's the one. all the shoplots there, other than HV are old, but renovated. it was like The Famous Spot even for foreigners. :D