Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Prom Night (2008)

Prom Night

"everything is expected" can be used to describe the Whole film. this isn't exactly an impressive Psycho Killer film like Hannibal (which i'm a huge fan of). i was expecting much more when i first saw the poster. what seemed like a "must-watch" turned out to be a "whatever" film. we knew where the killer is, we knew who he is going to kill, we knew how he is going to kill them. yea, we knew Everything .. n for that, i also know that .. it is definitely Not a recommendation.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Nelson McCormick
- released: 2008
- casts: Brittany Snow, Dana Davis, Scott Porter, Johnathon Schaech
- language: English
- genre: Horror/Thriller


  1. movie...............oh time...........

    you know 1 movie can let me listen so many classical.........hahaaha

    (but if i listen beethoven symphony no9, just can listen for twice.

    because the whole length of sym9 is 67minuets........hahahaah=p )

  2. later not dare to attend prom night ... hahaha

  3. I want to watch this movie at first, but after you mentioned that it was not a good movie, so I think I wont go for it anymore, better save my money on the cinema. Wakakazz.

  4. erm...
    i still plan to watch it on friday nite..
    looks like im going to watch other movie ord.. hahaa.. thanks for da sharing oh~

  5. joshua: oh my .. here comes the classical discussion. XD

    aaron: honestly, it's quite a pity that our prom night is never as interesting as theirs (skipping the killing part). their's are seriously, Seriously Grand !!

    akira: indeed, save it for a better film. :) there are so much more listed in the cinema that we can catch. can't wait to catch All of them !! XD

    sally: opps .. seemed like i ruined quite a few plans for others. all because of this "introduction" i made. oh my .. *guilt*

  6. Yeah, I want to watch so many movies, one of them is The Happening, yeah! I will watch it then tell you ya! hehe...

  7. when you love 'her' you'll never forget her.....hahaahah

    for me, classical=her

  8. I find Hannibal an okay movie (not a huge fan of it)

    I don't watch a lot of movies compared to you >.< The most recent movie that I watched is Casablanca (1942) because my friend introduced me to watch it

  9. Haven't watch this one.

    The only recent movie I watched was Sweeny Todd: Demon Barber on Fleet Street on ... DVD! :D

    That movie was awesome! Lots of ketchup involved too! :)

    Does Prom Night has lots of ketchup in it? :p

  10. akira: i want Kunfu Panda, i want Indiana Jones, i want Happening, what else ?? *thoughtfully* oh dang .. now i sounds greedy. XD

    joshua: maybe i should change your status from "mafia IT blogger" to "classical addict". :P

    elezend: hannibal always managed to impress me with his ideas of "experimenting without killing". the "brain eating" part is always freshly printed in my mind whenever i tried to remember the scenes. XD how is Casablanca ?? *interested*

    deimos: sweeney is truly Awesome !! love the black versus gray versus red effect. totally brings out the sadness n boredom of the town.

    prom night on the other hand, totally does Not have enough ketchup. in fact, too little of it. XD

  11. Haha, I want to watch so many movies in future, The Dark Knight, Red Cliff, Mummy 3 etc! hehe... I sound greedy too!

  12. yayayaa!!!!!love it!!!!=)

  13. Casablanca is like Titanic but with a much better ending ^^"

    Ketchup.. mmm on fries

  14. "prom night"...never hear it b4...
    i like horror movie, but since u said that no recommended, so maybe will just buy a pirated dvd or vcd.

  15. akira: if we really look around us, there are indeed many movie addicts lurking around. XD

    joshua: updated !! :D

    elezend: fries .. *drools* a happy ending titanic huh, maybe i should catch it too !! :D

    amei: save it for better film too huh. that goes for many here. XD

  16. i wanna watch journey to the center of the earth...i haven't watch 3D movie b4...have to wear glass with one side red and blue at other side, that one right? anyone who experience 3D movie?

  17. i watched it for a few times before, at iMax theater. it was one heck of an experience !! :D i don't remember it being blue n red, but there's definitely a paper-glasses sort of thingy. without it the screen's colours looks smeared. you should catch it !! it's gonna feel like a roller coaster. XD *excited*

  18. wow...u hv experienced it! Is that iMax theater has different feature from both GSC/TGV? iMax you mean is the one at Times Square one? I haven't be there in iMax though...:-/

  19. Bloghopping are you?

  20. muak muak!!!!=)

  21. pui: i'm a big fan of it. XD yup it was Time Square's iMax theater. herm wait .. what is GSC/TGV ?? *blurred*

    mica: i'm fine, thanks for dropping by.

    joshua: glad you love it, "mr. classical addict" !! XD

  22. I haven't been to an imax too (It's not like we have on here) but I've never been a huge fan of cinema ^^

  23. GSC - golden screen cinema right? and tgv if not mistaken is tanjong golden village ( hmm... maybe can try iMax later...:D

  24. elezend: i'm a huge addict on the other hand !! have gotta drop by at least from time to time or i'll feel like i haven't went out for a long time. XD

    pui: oh, i haven't tried KL's cinema yet, the normal type i mean. only for iMax's 3D effect. expensive but worth the experience !! :D i heard KL's "normal" tickets are pretty expensive too ??

  25. D< ...ya, expensive la...
    that day watched in Pavilion's GSC cost me RM12!!! the Kung fu Panda, the day one day after it released in cinema.

    but worthla.. since Kungfu Panda so funny so awesomely cool n pretty scene. the colors of tat animation!

  26. 12 ?? i was actually expecting much more. XD by the way, the price here increase to 10 already. dang ..