Tuesday, June 10, 2008


"you n your virtual crap", -baboon- said.

somehow, me n my virtual buddies gathered here everyday, at my little congested Fairyland. bonding with them n their mind, had made my blogging life pretty interesting n rewarding !!

-piggy- (the charmer), -akira- (the softhearted), -marcus- (the philosopher/psycho addict), -bun- (the giver), -joshua- (the classical addict), -elezend- (the anime/manga addict), -deimos- (the silent thinker), -sharon- (the trendy princess), -cometh- (the peekaboo-er)

-baboon- was right, the Virtual World is just another place for us to dig our golds. Friendship, more than anything, is the most difficult Treasure to encounter. virtual n real life is just a thin line apart, n it shan't stop us from searching n bonding.

お友達と楽しみをする !!


  1. 谢谢你哦... 我也是在这网上部落格世界里认识到很多朋友啊... 也跟些许朋友结交成好朋友呢, 其中一位就是你咯...


  2. I value much the virtual crap in my life. Fun blog. Thank you.

  3. So I am a silent thinker hah? :D

    [お友達と楽しみをする !!]

    What mean?

    I think I see the word "friend" and "happy" in there?

    Though they look like mandarin words, do they carry the same or similar meaning?

    Fun thing about blogging is to network sincerely with other bloggers, and make some blogging buddies in the process.

    I think it works better if them have something in common, say Malaysian bloggers tend to get together more easily or something like that.

    However, I think female bloggers have a much easier time getting more fans for their blgos. -_-

  4. thx for the link.......but why 'mafia'?????hahaahahah

    but what is meaning of 'virtual crap'???

    virtual i know, crap i oso know....but when combine i dont know.......XD

  5. akira: 最近的文章好像都挺感性的哦,呵呵!嗯,我也很珍惜我们之间的友情。难得谈得来哦,能互相交换意见真的好好玩!:D

    keith: glad you enjoyed your stay here !! n happy that you agreed as well. ;)

    deimos: "silent thinker" as you remind me of the "silent thoughts" you gathered in your blog. :P [お友達と楽しみをする !!] means "lets have fun with friends!". most of them do carry the same meaning, n sometimes even similar pronunciation. but some, on the other hand, may not be the direct translation though. so, i guess it depends. :)

    female bloggers do ?? that suddenly remind me of .. me being mistaken for a guy, for quite a few times. i wonder if it's the name ?? or the way i wrote ?? or .. herm .. *thoughtfully*

    joshua: hahaha, you're so funny !! XD "mafia" because when i think of you, it reminds me of your yakuza-look. n herm .. i'm an instinct follower. :P

    as for the "virtual crap" ..
    we were kinda talking about virtual identities versus real life. baboon didn't have such boundaries the way that i interpreted. not agreeing with me, baboon said that i'm "talking crap". n since the "crap" points to our "virtual" related conversation, (Tada!) virtual-crap is born !! :D

  6. ok.........so desuka???=)

    but it is still complicated......better listen classical music.........XD

  7. [me being mistaken for a guy, for quite a few times.]

    I think it must be the name, as the name "levian" looks like it can be a name for a guy or girl.

    Initially, I thought you are a guy too. O_O

    Since you play computer games too. Multiplayer online MMORPG some more. O_O

    After checking out your blog more throughly, and your blog posts, your cute girlish avatar, and finally visiting your friendster profile, confirmed that you are a pretty girl blogger. :D

  8. @deimos,totally agree [levian can be a boy.girl name]


  9. 感性比较好啊, 这样才能让我们知道最近的你在想些什么啊. 哈哈, 你说得对, 很少博客会一直互相交换意见的, 你看, 我们就是例子咯, 哈哈.

    哈哈, 有人误会你是个男生哦...

  10. joshua: "you and your classical". XD

    deimos: oh dang, does that mean i pretty much represent myself in a guy's image if it weren't for my avatar n photographs ?? that's interesting !! XD

    akira: 等到你终于明白我现在再想什么的时候,我的“下一集”心情故事又开始了,呵呵!就我说的,来得快去的也快。越快解决心结,就能越快恢复正常了,呵呵。我想,应该很多女生都是这样吧!

  11. He who begun a good works in you, is faithful to complete it! Good day!

  12. @Deimos
    I believe kanji(A type of Japanese writing) is similar to traditional Chinese with similar meaning too because it is possible Japanese is once Chinese

    Female bloggers getting more readers.. hmm pprobably if they are extremely pretty type and upload their pictures on their blog

    I'm the manga/anime addict eh? I'm proud to receive the title, haha

  13. mica: herm .. i'll assume you're talking about god .. *puzzled*

    elezend: glad you liked it !! ;) thinking of you showed a picture of a blue-haired girl who chase after anime (the Incompletes!), n recently the manga introduction. :P

  14. 你的心情转变得也很快哦, 我更想去了解你了, 呵呵. 对啊, 我也不希望你一直被心结绑着的, 你要快速解决哦. 有问题, 可以跟我们讲啊, 我会很乐意当你的聆听者哦.

  15. I actually write posts based on what I am doing at the time o.o

    There was a time I play MMORPG and most of my blog posts are about MMORPGs ^^"

  16. akira: 嗯,我会的,呵呵!毕竟这片小天地是我建出来的,一定会放很多感情下去。会让它记载我的一切重要的感受。;)

    elezend: that's understandable. i suppose it is only natural we write what's happening around us. :D

  17. But but but.... I do gather also at this virtual place boh...

    At times that is. =p

  18. 对啦, 你在这里要告诉我们你的感受哦, 不过写过后, 不要去想那么多哦...

  19. cometh: my my .. now lets see who'd dropped by !! actually i create the list according to comments given with my "emotion-posts". :P but .. i guess i can be a little lenient on you, added yours !! ;)

    akira: 嗯,我会努力的!其实很想自己不那么情绪化,但若要我压抑自己,那么不就是回到之前了吗?想了想,还是做回自己,有什么就发泄比较好受,呵呵!

  20. If I were to drop by one month ago, my title is probably MMORPG fan, lol \^o^/

  21. that would be interesting, i believe we would be discussing about that instead of manga (onemanga to be exact). XD

  22. Woh, pai seh pai seh...



    Peekabooer seems right... heh

  23. Lol, OneManga is monitored by the administrator of the web, try MangaFox where there is a huge list of Manga and also the licensed one too ^^

    get adblock plus if youre using firefox

  24. cometh: you reminded me of your "appearing n disappearing" act. Poof! cometh drop in. Poof! cometh is gone. XD

    elezend: i can even read the licensed ones ?? it sounds like it required payment ??

  25. 我赞成!!! 所以你得做回你自己比较好啊... 这样才是我们认识的LEVIAN小姐啊...

  26. 谢谢哦!你还真大方,肯纵容我们女生的情绪,呵呵!她… *咳* …很幸福哦!加油!;)

  27. your friend is so true about virtual friend thingy.

    :) thanks so much. i'm quite touch. hugs