Friday, June 27, 2008


relaxing in the living room, buried in loads of DVDs, little giggles here n there, little conflict that goes on n off .. n the best part ?? i'm free to express myself !! i was happy, i was in Paradise !!
or has things just became a little Too perfect ??
i'm a karma-believer. i believe every "good" is followed by a "bad", or vice versa. just as Cinderella had to go through the sufferings to finally meet her prince charming. (although i can't stop wondering what happens after that ..)

the fear of having "Happiness slipped away", crosses my mind every single time when gleefulness is inside me. could it be insecurity ?? or past experience ?? -piggy- said that i think too much. -baboon- explained that some guys are goal-oriented - "moving forward after successfully obtaining the current goal". (clarification: by using the word "goal", i include everything - studies, jobs, life, or even in obtaining material items, etc. )

though i might be the type that dive in whole-heartedly (betting for everything or nothing), but fear does escape my grips n taunts me periodically.
(clarification) before we all jump to conclusion that i'm unhappy, i'm Not. i'm happy right now, just having doubts when being cloaked within too much happiness in such a sudden manner.

weird for having such thought ?? i know, i'm still figuring myself out as well. ;)
不確ですね ..


  1. Firstly, I have to say that you did a great job on the this photo! I just grabbed the photo for my rainbow collections... It is just way too nice and beautiful!

  2. Not every guy will move forward after he grab the current, but I believe there are some guys are willing to protect and love the currents!

    It is not the time yet, my dear, I bet you will meet your White Horse Prince someday, and I'm very sure about it! Maybe, you are the Cinderella currently, need to go through what so called sufferings, but after that you will meet the true "him" for sure!

    Cheer up and wish ya happiness!

  3. yeahhh i love the picha tooo!! i love rainbowssss *big wet eyes*

    I believe in Karma too.. but i nv tink of that of suffering and meet Prince Charming. But i do believe there's always SOMEONE for everyone. It takes time to heal and find the right one. It doesn't mean one shot and everything is RIGHT. It has to go tru many falls before the right one. But not many people has that luck, one in a million a girl will fall in love with one and marry that ONE.

    What I wanna say is, be strong my dear. Everything will be okay. :)

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  5. akira: my bad for causing the confusion. by moving forward, i don't mean moving forward to the next girl. i did a clarification on the post, just to get things straight. :)

    thank you so much for the compliment, am glad you love the photograph !! ;)

    sharon: you're so adorable with the big-wet-eyes. XD "one in a million" huh, life is indeed darn strict to us. wishing you best of luck with your ONE. ;)

  6. 你相信因果?

    只要你真心對待別人﹐ 你就會沒事的 ^o^

  7. [不確ですね]
    [Non- being definite, the shank]

    Guess yahoo is not a very good translator? -_-

    Glad to hear that you are happy.

    Don't worry, be happy! :D

  8. I see, so what does this post talk about?

    Yeah, I just like the rainbow very much!

  9. buried in a loads of PORN DVDs?? I understand why youre so happy..


  10. i believe every "good" is followed by a "bad", or vice versa.
    my be we can just assume that the "bad" is the start of the "good"; the "good" is the end of the "bad".

    so that we always have an initiative & motivation to move forward, instead of let ourselve trapped in the "down time"!

  11. Hey, levian don't worry be happy,
    enjoy the life while we still can :D

  12. levian: I wanted to ask what anime do you watch? I watch(ed) : Blood+, keroro Gunso, D.Gray-man, Hitman Reborn, maburahu, Code Geass, Gundam 00 (and many others)

  13. elezend: another nice writing !! :D yup, i believe in karma. i'll keep that second sentence you wrote in mind. thanks yo !! ;)

    deimos: what exactly does the translation meant ?? dang, reminds me of "lamb shank". XD [不確ですね] meant "(i'm) unsure".

    "don't worry, be happy" seemed to be the best phrase for this post. *skipping the anxiety n appreciating* :)

    akira: read the "clarification" part, you'll get a better picture of my post from there. ;)

    marcus: baboon .. you're so asking for a biting !! (monkey bites, in case you forgot *growl in the throat*)

    amei: trapped ?? so that's how it sounds to you. well, like i said, i'm "into" the moment. happiness or sadness, let it all Come at me at their fullest speed !! n i'll embrace them (instead of denying them). the emotions n thinking that we do all the time, is what makes humans unique (comparing to animals). does it make sense ?? i'm proud to "feel". (n besides, i'm a girl, i'm Suppose to feel it more than the way guys do.) ;)

    baseguardian: thanks !! i guess i'm "a little" too emotional at times. *busted* :P

    orgthingy: i didn't really keep a list of it. but i guess you can track my "Entertainment" for the anime (filter off the movies) that i watched after i started blogging. :)

  14. Oh, I got what you meant already... Well, did you figure out already?

  15. rainbow????can sing song !!!!=)

  16. akira: i guess for now, the answer would be yes. most of the advice (comments) were right. i should enjoy while i'm at it, taste the happiness while it's within my grip. "to the fullest" it is !! XD

    joshua: sing song ?? what song ?? jay's song ?? :P

    elezend: i guess i needed a little reminder from a housemate like you from time to time. ;)