Saturday, June 28, 2008


for the first time in my life, unbelievably, i wasn't blame for throwing a tantrum, an automated n uncontrollable one released by my inner Leo. yes, like mentioned before, the type that usually makes me "snapped n left feeling guilty later".

how difficult it is to be accepted for who i'm. n i was simply left dazzled by his easeful Acceptance !! as rapid as the emotion arises, it calmed in a similar manner. amazingly, i wasn't even left with a chance to drill.
thank you, -piggy-, you're the best-est !! 
幸せですね !!


  1. Are you a Piggy Leo? That is the same zodiac and horrorscope as my Darling. -_-

    That means the both you would have a similar hot and spicy personality then. O_O

    [Note: i'll be away from June 29th - July 3rd. ]

    I'll be away from June 30th till July 4th

    You going on a holiday trip somewhere? :D

  2. Sorry, I admit that I could not understand much on this post, hehe... Maybe I did not know what happened to you recently... Maybe you can tell me more on MSN? *hopefully*

    The photo is nice, what time is that?

  3. NIce PIc , and thanks for your comment but i think the scence is so sad for me

  4. I'm still here while you guys are away~!!

    Don't worry, I will help you reply to comments too if needed LOL

  5. i like sunset..........but too short term of it.....sigh.........

    ya,did you listened to my new song?

    听一下 有惊讶

  6. @elezend:whoa..since when u become levian's assistant or 'sibling' dy? lol u so understand her ar?? Xp

  7. Beautiful sunset pic.
    It looks simple but hv special feeling when posted in your own blog=)

  8. hehe..i already link you le in my old blog..will update soon^^
    i;m weiwei a..stil remember me?

  9. beautiful photo :)

  10. really nice picture , would be perfect for wallpaper in bigger size .

  11. @pui that's the job of her housemate!

    Here I help you reply all

    @Deimos no idea
    @ Akira Somewhere between 00:00 to 24:00
    @Chun (I'm not sure how you pronounce that word) how come I don't think it's sad and yet peaceful?
    @joshua deep chinese

    The rest.. um.. hi? ^^

  12. Elezend: That was a FANTASTIC attempt in replying... I almost feel you and her are the same person....zzz

  13. Elezend:
    Haha, your reply is kinda good! Impressive! hehe...

  14. 好美的照片!

  15. Hmm, honestly, found that not easy to understand ur post, so most time will need to go thru all the comments c what people feedback to guess the content...

    feel like reading a literature,

    i dont wan ur reply pls...:D

  16. @Marcus and Akira
    Thank you XD

    I'm charging levian 2 volumes of manga for each reply

  17. Hey are you feeling alright? (:
    Anyway, welcome back? =x

  18. Nice photo!!!

    Cute piggy!!!

  19. Welcome back my dearest friend!!! How ya there???

  20. deimos: "hot n spicy" eh, i LovE the sound of that. XD my guess is .. her temper goes as fast as it came too ?? (if you're doing things her way, that is.) we're .. pretty easy to be satisfied. *smirk* :P

    akira: sorry about the confusion, but just as amei had said, i'm trying to be literature. n definitely exploring the language in a "beauty" way instead of "one sentence equal one point" kinda way. :P

    the photograph was taken around 6pm. i was on my way to dinner n movie later. thanks for the welcome, buddy. ;)

    : sad ?? oh my .. are you depress lately again ?? holiday sure has such effects on you. take it easy there. *pat on the shoulder*

    elezend: thank housemate !! your replies were .. "out of the ordinary". XD "川" is Chuan, kind means river.

    "2 volumes of manga for each reply" eh ?? i herm .. didn't know anything about any charges .. *clear throats n sweating*

    joshua: another way to put it would be .. "there are gazillions sunsets to catch" !! the sunset everyday is so different. sometimes brighter color, sometimes duller. it's like Magic !! :D sure thing, do gimme a little time to catch up with your blog. ;)

    pui: she has been my homey for quite some times. guess you didn't follow the "story" eh. :P

    jeromefo: am so glad you feel it that way. it's all about emotions here. just as some translate the photograph as "sad", but others "nice". ;)

    miah: thanks !! :)

    bubuweiwei: oh it's you !! the X_X reminded me. XD i lost your last link, so sorry about that. do you still keep the old blog ??

    ahlost: thanks !! :)

    ameo: aw .. will keep the photograph for you next time. for i usually didn't keep these scenery photographs, way too many of them. :P

    marcus: now now, let's play nice. *holding the chuckles* XD

    梦幻园主之雯: 忧伤?我没事哦,挺好的。谢谢关心,呵呵!很高兴你会喜欢那照片哦!:D

    dav didi: thanks !! :)

    amei: sorry with confusion. i guess my "literature attempts" has confused you n akira especially. but you're right about one thing, i'm indeed exploring english in a literature way. ;)

    pinggg: yup, i'm feeling great. nice one, haha, thanks for the welcome !! ;)

    kljs: thanks !! :) where's the piggy, by the way ?? *puzzled*

  21. I replied 5 normal ones so that's 10 volumes housemate!

    Anyway, welcome back =)

  22. thanks !! :D 10 volumes .. herm .. how exactly should i repay you ?? give you some url or sort ?? =3

  23. Oh my god... you actually saw through me when i was just being subtle. Was my eyes gleaming red??

  24. [my guess is .. her temper goes as fast as it came too ??]

    This strongly depends on her mood at that time, and my ability to keep my mouth shut. O_O

    [(if you're doing things her way, that is.)]

    Just zip up my mouth, only reply when asked, then I ought to be do fine. When she is in fury mode, that is.

    [we're .. pretty easy to be satisfied. *smirk* :P]

    I don't really think so. -_-

  25. marcus: with those blood rushing through your head ?? of course it does. ;)

    deimos: the "kitty" mood is always easy to tend to. but the "lioness" mood is what you need to watch out for, isn't that right ?? ;)

    so your girl needs you to zip it when she's fury eh. although i'm also a piggy-leo, Pampering works much more better for me. XD