Friday, June 20, 2008


have you ever had the urge of making a decision for someone (or in another word, try to control them) ?? all because you feel that you could make a better decision than them ??

i guess that portrays me as a pushy person. being rather impatient, it's definitely Not easy fending off this urge. on the contrary, it is a Must to respect another person's decision. just as martial art, Thoughts, too, require training n discipline. i'm merely an apprentice for now, aiming to become an expert. *determined*
the Battle inside, continues ..
いい人成りたい !!


  1. いい人成りたい, how to pronounce in romaji? Haha, trying to learn some japanese with you "sensei"!

    Being a pushy person, I think you need to control your temper and listen to other's opinion or suggestion first, right? I bet your friends will think the same action with you too, as they need respect from other also!

  2. that japanese = 'good person'???

    uncle google is 50% sensei.......hahahaha

    emotional again............try to use classical music to calm your heart.........i'm also pushy!!!!but use music to calm my soul....

    because i listen music oftenly, so i learn the ;listening' skill......

    although nothing to say,but use your heart to listen, others will touched..........=)

  3. akira: [いい人成りたい] pronounced as "ii hito naritai". do i sense a little inconsistency in what you just said ?? *chuckled* well, anyway, it is kinda by "instinct" that i got led by my thoughts (or emotions). but ..

    since i mentioned i'm still an apprentice, it Does mean that i'm Trying here. ;)

    joshua: google is finally correct !! XD classical .. herm .. most of the time i use heavy metal or rock song to calm my soul. nono .. i should rephrase it to "release my frustration". XD

    deimos: [いい人成りたい] meant "i want to be a good person". yes, i know you will ask. *psyching* :P

  4. Ya, but try not to let your emotion being controlled by bad temper. Yeah, I wanna be an apprentice too, try to teach me more on Japanese ya, sensei! hehe..

  5. I'll let them make their own decision because it's their lives and they need to depends on themselves.

    If they made a mistake, at least they know what's wrong and what's not to be repeated the next time.

    However, I have a friend that always rely on me -.-

  6. Prefer not to make any decision on behalf of someone (for personal thing), unless we have been given that authority...

    I just can't imagine how it would be if some1 only wait other make decision 4 him or her...this kind of person seem hopeless & useless...:p

  7. Learn You Shall My Young Padawan.

    In You the Force is Strong I sense.


  8. akira: i guess the word "instinct" doesn't quite make any sense to you. hehe. anyway, thanks for the support. :)

    elezend: i could agree to that. it is indeed true that we have our Own lives to be responsible of. one would most probably learn from mistake, compared to advices. the friend you mentioned, rely on you for all matters ??

    amei: hopeless n useless eh ?? now, that seemed rather Sharp. instead of judging these people "hopeless n useless", why not stand in their shoes to try understand their intention instead ??

    remember, only those who really Care from the heart, will care to offer Help or Advice. for those who don't give a damn about you, well .. why should they even care ?? ;)

    cometh: spoken like a true Master !! *impressed* yes, master, i shall intensify my training. *bow*

  9. Yup.. for instance when she wants to open bank account or epf account, she will call me and ask me to go along

    When fill in the form, ask me how to fill this and that although it was also my first time filling form

    I guess I'm a reliable friend :)

  10. [いい人成りたい !!]

    What mean? I lazy to consult uncle Google.

    My Darling control me all the time, she is strong in the force. O_O

  11. elezend: indeed you are. you sounds like a leader to me. :) have you tried this personality test before ?? i'm interested in which category are you. ;)

    deimos: oh wow, n here i'm, trying to get rid of it. :P for the explanation, i kinda "already" replied in my first comment. :)

  12. Hi Levian, interesting post. I agree with Elezend that ultimately, decision making lies with the person concerned. However, I think you can use another approach. If the person is a loved one, you can do your part by trying to let him see "light" before he makes a grave mistake. Present your point of view in an objective manner and let the person know you truly care. In that way, you avoid being pushy and know that you have tried your best?

  13. I also can rock!!!!!
    japan- A9(alice 9) is not bad........listen it b4???

  14. tkh: "Present your point of view in an objective manner and let the person know you truly care." how exactly shall it be presented ?? i'm still struggling with the giving opinion without trying to be pushy part. currently what i've been doing, is just making sure that i voiced out my opinion clearly, n leave the rest of the decision making to themselves.

    joshua: nope. wow, you're like making a list for me to youtube for. it's gradually growing !! XD

  15. Sorry ya, just cannot catch the meaning for quite sometime... hehe...

  16. Temperament Score
    Idealist 6
    Rationalist 10
    Traditionalist 8
    Hedonist 6
    Your temperament type is Rationalist.

  17. ya...i love youtube very much!!!!!!!!many classical music material is come from there=)

  18. akira: don't worry about it. hehe. thanks for your suggestion though, i definitely welcome them. ;)

    elezend: knew it !! you're a true Leader. *psychic* ;)

    joshua: they are indeed popular for a very reasonable "reason" !! XD

  19. Hi Levian, by being objective, we are focusing on the topic of discussion and not "attacking" the person (because he is about to make an ill decision). This will help us keep a clear-headed mind.
    One has to exhibit calmness when presenting possible scenarios and the corresponding consequences. I always assure the other party that I believe he is a sensible person, but because of the situation he is in, his mind is temporarily "blocked", and I hope to have a heart-to-heart talk with him to address the possible scenarios and consequences that he might have missed out.
    Gosh, this topic deserves a post by itself. Let me know if you wish to discuss further. Perhaps I may write a post on this topic. =)

  20. oh, i definitely do not "attack" others. if you'd catch my earlier posts, "respect" is all over my dictionary of life. ;)

    as for calmness, it is in fact quite difficult to maintain, especially when the one you're currently cared for, is in deep shit (mind my language) n the "temporary blockage" that you mentioned, is blinding them completely.

    do let me know if you'll be writing about it. i'm definitely interested in reading all about it. ;)