Thursday, June 19, 2008

Tag: 10 Random Facts

was tagged by -joshua- to reveal 10 random facts about me myself. a long one !! but here goes ..
  1. if you know me well enough (through my blog), i'm Very Emotional. sounds like a bad thing to you ?? but heck .. i'm darned proud of who i'm ..

  2. Movies are my greatest getaway. especially in relates to mystical creatures (such as vampires *slurps*), psychopaths (hannibal anyone ??), anything that impress me with new ideas !! *hunger*

  3. i'm a Disney-"worshiper". yup, i believed in fairy tales n the existence of "happily ever after", n am working towards it.

  4. i believe my life is blessed with the existence of -bun-. the way we support each other can only be described as Magical !!

  5. i enjoy photography. not in technical terms or sort, but it is The Moment that i seek. n of course, love being taken photographs of.

  6. i stalk n crave to Own happiness, yet lost sight of it so very often. guess i wasn't focused ..

  7. i enjoy exploring languages, especially English n Japanese, which both i'm trying to play around n be familiar with.

  8. i'm an animal lover. my punk -yuki- is definitely whom i'm proud to brag about. i'd gotten to understand Cats more all because of him.

  9. i'm a withdrawn person out front. try getting to know me from within, you might just spot me digging for weird (or "screwed" like -baboon- quoted) ideas that you least expect.

  10. i believe everything happen for a reason, there Shan't be Regrets !!


  1. I've seen hannibal

    I believe in happy n ever after too (Divorce did not exist in my life dictionary)

    I enjoy photography at certain moment just to remind myself of such time existed

  2. Well, I know you are quite emotional and that is your personality, I dont mind to listen to your problems too!

    I bet you love anime beside of movie, am I right? Hehe...

    Yup, you enjoyed the photography around you and the languages as well too!

    Yeah, I started to know you more than that!

  3. elezend: [Divorce did not exist in my life dictionary] count me in. *nodding* you did mentioned not liking hannibal before. is it because hannibal ain't your genre ??

    akira: am so glad you find it interesting !! :) yup, anime is within the movies' lists as well. *drools* but if compare to movies, i somehow needed "mood" to watch anime. but as for movies, i can watch them anytime. woohoo !! XD

  4. emotional????Good!!!!yokata!!!!

    then u better listen to beethoven n rachmaninoff!!!!

    they are emotional music的代言人!!!!=)

  5. Haha, anime is part of your life too, and without doubt, you LOVE to watch movies!!! Suppose romance movie is not in your selection right? *wink*

    I wonder your Prince will watch with you or not?

  6. i loved silence of the lambs ..was the movie for antonie hopkins

  7. joshua: advertising shall cost you $5. woohoo !! XD but indeed, beethoven's were rather emotional. you know your classical very well. ;)

    akira: let's see .. fairy tale is in my movie list. ;) but i guess i do watch romance from time to time, "just in case" there are cool ideas in it too. :D nope, yuki cannot come into the house most of the time. so he won't be watching with me. i think he might freak from all the "excitement". XD

    ameo: i've watched that too. all listed in my Hannibal post. ;)

  8. Then I guess I can introduce some great romance movies to you, how about that? Hehe.. Haha, what you mean by all the excitement?

  9. since the movie i watched are mostly "exciting" n he freaked out rather easily (even with the slightest sound), my guess is he won't be able to handle the effect. XD

  10. Maybe not! Because he might join in the crowd! Haha, because I will call him Prince of the Slayer! Haha...

  11. I've seen silence of the lambs too although as levian said, it's not my kind of movie

    I find it an okay movie but nothing special.

    Maybe I don't really like realistic movie in the first place

    ._. That's why I choose Anime

  12. @levian:
    You forgot to mention that you play computer games! XD

    @elezend, levian:
    [Divorce did not exist in my life dictionary]
    Ideally, I believe that, that is the path that everyone wants.

    In reality, it is not that simple?

    If one person is hell bent on getting a divorce, what can the other one do?

  13. pretty lady. how r u

  14. rachmaninoff also emotional but his music more difficult to understand=)

    ya...........i'm not advertising but introducing!!!!=)

  15. Bring the other person out for dinner, pamper him/her with gifts that he/she wants, do everything

    Just to make her/him thing "it's worth staying with you =)"

  16. akira: him joining the psychotic bunch !! that makes it a correct choice NoT to watch movies with me. XD

    elezend: oh !! so it kinda indicates that your level of anime-addiction is similar to my movie-addiciton. =3

    for the pampering part, i think you're using the .. herm .. "blinding technique". XD

    deimos: No.11 it is !! XD true, divorce somehow .. turn rather common nowadays. in fact, i'm watching a possible-divorce. sad ..

    sharon: you meant the drawing ?? ;)

    joshua: i'm not as familiar with rachmaninoff as beethoven. :P but, i guess that makes us the same bunch of emotional freaks. XD

    mica: Everyday is a Fun day !! :D

  17. Haha, just try for one time, how about that? Bring your Prince and watch a movie together with you~

  18. but I can't say I've seen Demon Bane where you can say you've seen most of the movies I introduced you to

  19. akira: no shall do. XD n besides, he's not really allowed into the house. i only "secretly" let him in from time to time.

    elezend: it just happens to be so because those that you mentioned are in the genre of Fairy Tales. i'm sure there are still some in your list that i've not yet seen. ;)

  20. then can you recommend any good fairy tales genre movie that came out lately?

  21. Secretly? Means without the knowledge of your parents? hahaha... Naughty lar u...

  22. The true masters in the business. They lure they prey into where they want them.
    They are normally smart, charming and graceful.
    They're confidence is seductive
    They're cold emotionless professionals.
    They are a masterpiece of darkness.
    Welcome to the world of the psychotic hunters.
    (i love em too..the smarter the better)

  23. elezend: try The Other Boleyn Girl. it is sorta like a fairy tale, at least they are somehow "searching" for it. but there ain't no "happily ever after" in this case ..

    akira: yup, when they head out, i let him in. :P in fact, he had stop rushing in like he used to, whenever the door was opened. ;)

    marcus: "They are normally smart, charming and graceful." ahh .. such seductive n deadly weapons !! the mind is indeed a powerful tool.

  24. I see, it would be nice for you, hehe, since you can play with him too... hehe... But did he messed with everything inside the house?

  25. If no happily ever after.. what's the point of watching a fairytale movie? >.<

    I want the kind where got fairy one lol

  26. akira: he's a grown up cat now, we barely "play" anymore. most of the time i'm pampering him - having him nap on my lap, caressing him. imagine me as his slave should be enough to portray our "bond". XD

    elezend: herm .. *mind suddenly turned blank* does Casanova count ?? wedding daze, the lake house .. but honestly, i still don't think any of these can beat Enchanted n Stardust. ;)

  27. I've seen Casanova, The Lake House, Enchanted and Star Dust too

    The wedding daze has no fairytale element in it ~.~

  28. Oh really? That's weird, you are his slave? I wonder how will you serve him... hehe...

  29. elezend: opps, that seemed more of a "discovery" huh. my bad my bad. :P

    akira: reply to all his needs i suppose. mum loves to say that i'm totally spoiling him. XD

  30. Haha, he is a 100% pure Prince indeed, so enjoyed to have you as "slave"...

  31. without realization, i'd turned to be very fond of him. the feeling surfaced especially when i got home, tired, i just want to squeeze him in my embrace. would love it if he could hug me back. insane thought, i know, but it's a sweet thought. :)

  32. If he can hug you back, then he needs a bigger arm to do so! *imagining* Prince is hugging Princess? Nice imagination! XD