Wednesday, June 18, 2008

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

my punk was on a hunting mission again. this time i'm Lucky to have joined his fun since the very beginning (instead of watching him devour the left over birdy last time, or kissing it) .. watch out for blood spattering !! *evil laughters*

the "crime scene" .. =3
(photograph taken with my Moto v3x)


  1. I thought you said that there are no more rats in your house? O_O

    [Yuki] Chew [Rat]


  2. OMG and you left your cat eat that rat!

  3. deimos: nono, let me explain !! *all tears n sobbing* here goes .. *clearing throat* .. it wasn't ours. he loves bringing his prey home. "playing n devouring it at a safe spot" thingy i guess. XD

    ameo: herm .. i'm kinda .. or maybe .. very Proud of it. :P

  4. wow... that yuki really a great hunter. proud of it hor..hmm should kiss yuki's mouth once yuki devoured all to show you really proud of it...haha.

  5. He is a great hunter!!! But yaikz, kinda scary when he was devouring the bird or rat!!!

  6. yuki..........yuki no hara????


  7. pui: i think i'd patted, hugged, kissed him too much. n worst, i didn't know where he had been (or done). i wouldn't be surprised if he just finished devouring an animal. XD

    akira: its the "crime scene", bloody n sort. my mum freaked when she saw the photographs as well. she weren't at home when the "crime" was committing. XD

    joshua: "yuki no hara" .. is it the music that you're referring to ?? 눈의꽃 meant "burnout" ?? *puzzled*

  8. eeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww.... I wont let my cat do that...

  9. Suppose to be a crime indeed! Haha, murder case!!! I should call CSI: Animal to investigate this!!!

  10. mxyzplk: opps .. it disgusted you. i can't stop feeling proud watching him devouring it. n well .. it's kinda mean grabbing it from him too. :P

    akira: CSI:Animal !! XD that's one great idea !! i know i'll be a great fan of it. ;)

  11. Oh, so you love CSI series, me too! Hehe! Yeah, should group them up and investigate on that "crime", it is so tragedy, oh my~

  12.'s a little disgusting...

    But your cat is a mice hunter!!
    You are a proud master!

  13. disgusting >.>

    I used to have a cat that know how to catch rats, find newspaper and put the corpse on top.

  14. [elezend]:wah~ r u kidding? "find newspaper and put the corpse on top"

    [levian4]:nono..i dun care how frequent u sayang ur yuki, i only want to see u kiss ur yuki the moment once finished devoured all corpse to show u that u proud of it...arghahaha!!!!

  15. akira: a tragedy for mice, birds, snakes to die ?? oh my .. we would be sooo busy investigating. XD

    beverly: haven't seen you for a while there !! :D indeed i'm a proud master !!

    elezend: amazing !! mine is looking for shoes to put inside. imagine my dad yelling for stepping on a lizard inside his shoe. oh, n its slimy too .. XD

    pui: you're just being mean. n besides, how am i suppose to take photograph to proof that i kissed him after the meal ??

  16. [deimos: nono, let me explain !! *all tears n sobbing* here goes .. *clearing throat* .. it wasn't ours. he loves bringing his prey home. "playing n devouring it at a safe spot" thingy i guess. XD]

    Oh, okay. :D

    Anyway, this reminded me of the time when my dog brought back a squirrel.

    Me mum screamed loudly all of a sudden so I went over to find out what the ruckus was.

    There on the floor, laid the poor squirrel with a punctured stomach.


    In which I proceed to tar pau the corpse of the pretty dead squirrel.

    Too bad I did not capture any screen shots of it. XD

  17. After the tragedies, should we do some funerals for them? Haha, just joking anyway...

    Wont you feel any disgusting feeling when you saw this kind of thing?

  18. uncle google salah again..



  19. Since young, we always hear pple say that cats eat rats. Frankly speaking this is the first time I ever see a cat eating the rat. OMG.... its really true... LOL :)

  20. I can imagine levian's reaction when she slides into her shoe

    "eh? why all suddenly my shoe so comfortable one.. got sponge one" then she will step on it and spliak all the organs come out

  21. @elezend:hahahaha,agree!!!!then wera it go to shopping..........after awhile she realise(emotional mood) then she will.........

    (to be continue...)

    someone help me continue.....hahaha=)

  22. voodoo: indeed. =3

    deimos: squirrels !! that reminds me of the time yuki brought it back n my mum squeaked as well. XD but instead of me taking care of the corpse, it was my dad who took care of it. :P (here is the link of the photograph: squirrel.)

    akira: quite the opposite actually .. every time i saw him with a prey, i'm rather excited. n since this is the first time i saw him eating it from the very beginning till the end, the gushing blood kinda rushes my adrenaline as well. :3

    joshua: 我不知道耶,你有它的两个版本吗?也想听听看,呵呵!:P

    janice: do drop by often, you might catch some more of his prey-eating session. :D

    elezend/joshua: you're both into this together, aren't you !!
    ps: for your information, he'd never placed one in My shoes before, only my mum's n dad's. *evil laughter*

  23. well that one is small rat, :P
    im worried if the rat is bigger than my cat hahahahaha...

  24. Hmmm, on the other hand. That mouse/rat looks cute leh. How come got so cute one.

    The rats I have seen is as big as your punk. =p


  25. You watched too much of vampires or hannibals kind of movies!!! Gosh, are you really feel excited when you saw that?

  26. mxyzplk: rat bigger than cat !! is it possible ?? *wide eyed*

    cometh: another "rat bigger than cat" ?? are you guys toying with me or does rat as big as cat really exists ?? *puzzled*

    akira: yup. =3 he's such a charm to let me join in the fun. i mean, it's like i watched from the rat from alive until dead, whole until devoured completely. woohoo !! n he even licked all the blood on the floor after his "meal". gosh !! XD

  27. Gosh, Yuki is turning to a vampire for sure!!! This is the first time I ever see a cat did like that! Vampire cat I should say, haha! XD

  28. my mum loves to say that "our yuki is the cleanest cat in the world". i love to called her a "hygienic freak", :P i guess that's the reason she was so proud of him being clean all the time. he even licked all the food that fell onto the floor accidentally, when we fed him. XD vampire cat .. Love the name !! yummy !! =3

  29. Levian:
    Wow, hygienic freak, what a nice name! Haha. Well, he is definitely a clean cat I would say! Then how about rubbish? Hehe...

  30. maybe your feet does not smell good enough compared to your parents' ?

    Got moisturizer for her feet while she go shopping. No need to worry about cracked skin on the bottom of her feet ^^

  31. eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee... hahah crime scene. smart cat!

  32. 可去youtube找一找=)

  33. lol, poor little mice

  34. akira: he .. well, doesn't pick up rubbish, but sniff at them. XD

    elezend: i'll .. take that as a compliment. *sweating* oh, so now it seemed like a crack-heels cream advertisement. XD

    sharon: indeed he is a smart one !! :D

    joshua: 嗯,多一会去找找看,呵呵!

    orgthingy: it kinda makes yuki the villain huh. :P

  35. Haha, well, that is good also! Anyway, he is clean indeed! haha... XD

  36. yup he is indeed. *proud* spent so much hours licking himself, i doubt he can be otherwise. :P

  37. Great cat which can catch rats , haha : )