Tuesday, June 17, 2008


as Concerned, or Dreaded as i am, bun n i never failed to enjoy each others' company. we were often thrown envious stares. it still seemed rather difficult for me to imagine having siblings that just "don't matter".
"There is No Accident."
quoted the wise Oogway (from Kung Fu Panda).
i believe everything happened for a reason, n am so very grateful to have her on this long winding road. do you believe in past-lives in the Chinese saying? if such beliefs exist, i would be thrilled if we were lovers back then.

好きな人お大事にするね !!


  1. First post! Yay! :D

    Ah, I see that levian is starting to plaster pretty pics of her up in her blog.

    Soon, she will receive more and more fans, the road to blog-stardom is clear! Wooot! XD

    Sorry, but as a guy, my natural instinct is to gaze upon pretty ladies. :D

    [do you believe in past-lives in the Chinese saying]
    As in believe in karma, the laws of cause and effect? Why, yes, I do believe in that. :)

    [好きな人お大事にするね !!]
    I think, by now, you should know that I will definitely ask you for the translation. :p

  2. @deimos...with respect to people like me

    @levian, true???? if the answer is 'no',please scold uncle/antie Google!!!!hahahaha

  3. 哇, 你的照片很好看呢... 特别是你笑的时候, 真的很灿烂很漂亮...

    嗯, 我相信你跟你姐姐的关系一定是很密切...

    我相信有因果的, 可能就如你所说的, 你跟你姐姐前世可能是恋人呢... 哈... 那么我们俩以前可能是好朋友呢...

  4. What kind of gross picture is that?!... Are those 2 gay vamps or one gay vamp biting another willing gay victim?

    (thought i was talking bout your photo ain't you? wahahaha, yea you and your sis look adorable)

  5. i like to hug too..
    i hug my teddy til sleep every nite~ XD

  6. I believe the right person is levian.

    [do you believe in past-lives in the Chinese saying ?? if such beliefs does exist, i would be thrilled if we were lovers back then. ;)]

    The other day I watch the tv, they mentioned something like this
    The son/daughter are lovers of the parents in the past life.

    However if that family has a lot of kids, I assume different past lives' lovers?

    If past life exists, how come they are a drastic increase in human beings? where did their past lives came from? or it's possible on person's past few generations lives appear each as a different human being?

  7. "There is no accident"
    XD....Master Oogwuy said it 3 times..haha!

    btw, i feel that sifu [small fox] looked like Chow yun fatt..LOL so how do u see abt this movie?

  8. [If past life exists, how come they are a drastic increase in human beings? where did their past lives came from?]

    More and more animals are getting extinct, plants and trees are getting lesser and lesser etc.

    [or it's possible on person's past few generations lives appear each as a different human being?]

    I don't think a "soul" or "spirit" can split up into that many pieces. o_o

  9. @joshuaun

    [with respect to people like me]

    What are you trying to say? -_-

  10. deimos: didn't know you're aiming of the first. XD [好きな人お大事にするね !!] meant "lets cherish those that we love". talking about karma, i believe it's all in a circle. what you did equal to what you'll get in the future.

    keong: thanks. :)

    joshua: what is true ?? google ?? *lost*

    akira: 呵呵,谢谢、谢谢!*羞* 嗯,有可能真的是朋友哦!毕竟,一定有原因我们会遇到。;)

    marcus: you .. are so asking for a beating !! *shaking fists, growling in the throat* oh !! (the word "adorable" shimmers) that's so sweet of you. =3

    sally: i used to hug a pig to sleep, but it was torn. XD

    elezend: yup, i'm her. ;) for the past-lives thingy, there are so many different sayings. taoism, buddhism, hinduism .. but how are we suppose to prove which is right or wrong ?? i guess it kinda lies in our intentions n thoughts in each life.

    pui: i love that particular quote the most throughout the animation. it just kinda "clicked" in me. let's save the comments for the animation until i posted it. then you'll know what i think of it. ;)

  11. most girls like to hug. yeah, i hug my puppy to sleep till one ears came off. i had to sew it back on.

    btw, nice hair!! :)

  12. 哈哈, 那么是什么原因呢? 我也好像知道呢... 嘻嘻... 我想从今跟你做一辈子的朋友, 不知道可以吗? *wink*

  13. sharon: thanks for the compliment !! :) so we hugged teddy, pig, puppy .. what else ?? XD

    akira: 不需要追究吧,我相信上天自然会有它的原因,呵呵!当然可以啊,何乐而不为呢?;)

  14. 哈哈, 那么我应该好好珍惜现在和以后了咯... 嘻嘻... 当然, 可以认识到朋友是件好事呢, 更何况是在网络世界遇到的... 嘻嘻...

  15. Now, you do know that post like this I have to comment..... with my signature comment...

    Pheewitttttt!!!~~~~~~~. =p

    Woh, new hairdo....

    Another Pheewwwittttt~~~~~~~~... =p

  16. hey, you changed yr hairstyle?? ahha look different from those i saw in yr friendster.. anyway nice!! haha yea, you should put more pictures of yrs in blog.. pity me.. have to find in friendster only know how you look like.. you're so sweet in yr friendster pics.. =)

    erm yea, i believe in past lives.. who knows i might be a guy?? acool guy! hahaha =P

  17. @deimos,@levian

    i put that word in translate.google.com translate those sentense.......

    but it looks like fault.......hahahaah

    next time have time kena learn japanese!!!!=)

  18. akira: 嗯,缘份哦,上天自然有安排。我们哦…只要你说的珍惜,就够了。;)

    cometh: now that's something new, 2 signature comments this time. XD thanks for the herm .. "phewit". :P

    josephine: thanks for the compliment !! *blushed* i updated a few more new ones in friendster too. :P being a guy might be cool !! freedom !! XD

    joshua: oh !! finally understand what you meant. so it is google's fault then. XD

  19. wow.. change hair style... :P
    lai.. jimmy go hug u... hahahhaa...


  20. yokata!!!!finally u got it!!!!
    ya,just like keong said ur hair style is cool!!!


  21. 当然呢!! 珍惜是必然的... 我还想亲眼见到你呢... 我相信有机会和缘份的... 嘻嘻...

  22. Mind is the greatest invention of all time and also the reason why we are smarter than most of the living things in the world.

    Thoughts are important as it plays a major role in your life.

    How you perceive things in life makes life more interesting and different perceptions is better than a dull one =)

  23. jimmy: glad you like the hairstyle. :)

    joshua: 谢谢哦,呵呵!嗯,我们俩人一块儿尝试的。:D

    akira: 嗯,我也相信不必强求,自然会有机会的。;)

    elezend: that is So true !! *nodding while reading* in fact, that's the reason our mind could be the most dangerous weapons if misused. it's amazing how far our imagination can bring us too !! (i guess that's why i'm often thirsty of new ideas. :P) but one thing is for sure, we has gotta look out for those negative thoughts. dangerous it may be .. *shivers*

  24. 哈哈, 就等你过来我这里, 还是我过去你那边咯.. 说不定我们某天会在街上碰面呢...

  25. 下次我也去弄一个。。。。。。。。。。。。哈哈哈


  26. akira: 嗯,真的说不定哦!如果有过去,或许真的会找你呢,呵呵!

    joshua: 弄个爆炸头,学生就会专心?那么所有老师不就需要弄爆炸头了?哈哈,这样的学校应该好好玩吧!但你都把头发剪了,呵呵。

  27. Levian:
    哇, 说不定啊? 你一定要来找我呢... 不然我不跟你好呢! 哈哈... 开玩笑而已啦...

  28. Yup, that's why we must think positively all the time.

    Anyway, I think you should increase the width of your blog catalog

  29. akira: 如果我们到时还在联络,我相信不管怎样都一定会见个面的,呵呵!但世事难料,我就不敢定下诺言,说我肯定会去。

    elezend: i'd fixed it !! both the blogcatalog n bloglog. you caught me right when i was customizing them. dang .. XD

  30. 在留着。。。。。。。。。。哈哈哈

  31. 哈哈, 当然呢, 联络的方式都有了, 最重要是我们得上网, 然后才能跟彼此联系啊... 所以我们还可以联络到很久很久呢...

    不过不要失忆啦... 哈...

  32. @akira...失忆是韩剧才会用到的。。。。哈哈哈=)

  33. joshua: 你该不会真打这么打算吧!爆炸装!*吓*

    akira: 嗯,我们要坚持!毕竟友谊得来不易,大家聚集在一块儿是天意,呵呵!;)

  34. 是咯, 呢毕竟跟你认识的过程真的很特别呢... 不珍惜才怪呢... *wink*

  35. 嗯,会珍惜果然是一种福。知足常乐嘛,呵呵!很高兴认识你哦!;)

  36. 这句话我也是要跟你讲的哦... 都知道你会回复我的, 哈哈... 你看, 我们是不是很有缘份哦? 哈哈..... *cool*

  37. We are really linked by souls, housemate.

  38. do you believe in past-lives in the Chinese saying ??
    too abstract, can't imagine it. how bout the re-born? well, some sifu said that no matter past-lives or re-born do exist or not, just treat it as an encouragement 4 us to do the merit and learn to be a good human being...

  39. akira: 那么意思就是说,我们对友谊的哲学是一样的了!值得庆祝,呵呵!;)

    elezend: i find it pretty CooL !! do it again, do it again !! *bouncing in the spot* =3

    amei: i believe good deeds should not be done with the Intention of expecting any returns. like akira always says, we have our Conscience to response to.

  40. Lol, your pink is too bright btw

    I suggest using the pink you're using for your link before you hover your cursor X3

  41. 哈哈, 要怎样庆祝呢? 是否要开香槟呢? 哈哈...

  42. elezend: i tried it n it looked rather dull. i tried another color, hope it's still not too bright.

    akira: 怎样能呢?我可不接受 virtual 的食物哦!:P