Friday, October 17, 2008

劇場版 Bleach: The Diamonddust Rebellion もう一つの氷輪丸 (2007)

The Diamonddust Rebellion

hyōrinmaru (氷輪丸), the ice-dragon zanpakutō (斬魄刀), can only be manifested by one person, causes tōshirō (冬獅郎) to fight his best friend during studies. the past returned to haunt him, his "dead" friend is back. again, they are required to fight each other to death.

bleach's second movie of an average anime for me. the chasing part was very interesting, caused high expectation for the final battle. but it didn't turned out to be as grand as expected. however, the most rewarding satisfaction of the anime, was exposing tōshirō's private side n his struggle.

why are you smiling? could you please share how you're really feeling with us? we're family, aren't we? we're supposed to share how we feel inside, when we're happy n sad. otherwise, we'll all feel lonely n left out ..
- meaningful quote by Ichigo (一護) 's dad.

some background on the anime movie:
- episodes: 1
- director: Noriyuki Abe (阿部記之)
- released: 2007
- language: Japanese
- genre: Action/Adventure

- Bleach Rock Musical (2005)
- Memories of Nobody (2006)
- The DiamondDust Rebellion (2007)
- Fade to Black (2008)
- Jigoku-hen (December 2010)


  1. A full dose of Kenpachi awesomeness XD..

    Yeah, that silly dad of Ichigo said something really meaningful

  2. 死神。。。。。。。。。。。。怕怕。。。。。。。。。。哈哈哈

  3. rollakid: agreed, kenpachi n his barbaric strength is always amusing. XD "lonely n left out". when he voiced those words, i actually cried. dang.

    joshua: 不怕啦,这么可爱。;)

  4. This is a nice anime!!! Because I can see lotsa Bankai at there! Hehe...

    P/S: Today I went out whole day, so no time to reply also, hehe...

  5. Seriously i damn "out"
    with anime already ><
    One day i muz lock myself
    and do more survey.

  6. Me too, but of course didn't cry out loud and snort or something...

    Ikaku cuter XD

  7. akira: everyone just went bankai instead of the normal skills. XD i was hoping for a better fighting scene at the end actually.

    jeromefo: don't need to lock yourself up. just pick one n start watching it. you'll get addicted in no time. ;)

    rollakid: he didn't say it long enough for us to have time to snort actually. XD that baldy, dang he's cool with his bankai !! i was surprised !! =3

  8. Cooler in actual anime though.. you didn't watch it right?

  9. Oh really? Hmm, maybe the final battle is a bit short and the villian seems dont have any "super skills" to overcome ichigo...

  10. rollakid: still stopping at episode 150+. heard it reaches 190+ ?? maybe its about time to continue the "adventure". ;)

    akira: that must be it. since the golden seal thingy just make the hyōrinmaru stand there like a statue. i want more !!

  11. thanks for introducing this anime. It is a great anime. Yeah, now searching for the torrent XD

  12. shahrizal: hoping you'll enjoy it as much as i do !! :D

  13. Not only you ya, I also want to see more fights!!! The 3rd movie is going to release soon also ya....

  14. akira: it must be because of the chase being too exciting. n we ended up hoping for the final battle to be as exciting. XD when will it be out ??

  15. During December I think... The title is quite interesting, is about "Goodbye-Rukia"...

  16. akira: so the focus is on rukia eh. gonna wait, wonder if it'll reach us late too.

  17. Yeah, I think it will reach to us by August next year... Argh, have to wait again!

  18. akira: again. i was already wondering why it took us so long to watch the Diamond Dust, since it was aired in 2007.

  19. Maybe the company has the ultimate security to prevent the anime to leak out... The company actually will only release the DVD on August, and by that time we will have the translated anime...

  20. akira: "ultimate security". another year to wait, i bet they are just stingy to share at the first minute. XD

  21. Haha, will lose business and profit among the cinemas... As we are aware of, Japan is famous of download too! Hehe...