Wednesday, January 28, 2009

yuki (ゆき、雪)..

Yuki (Moto v3x)

the same series that my punk was able to stare straight into the camera. i must have made it looked pretty easy for him to stare straight into the camera, which is absolutely not true. i choose the best among the many shots that i took, n it's definitely not easy.


  1. Hehe, a nice shot ya!!!
    Oh ya, Happy Chinese New Year to Yuki!!!

  2. must give yuki some trainin to stare camera!!!wahahah

  3. Cute kitty! Anyway Happy Chinese new year. =)

  4. same here ^ ^ Barbie always get many snap shots, and then chose the best out of the bunch ^ ^

    Your prince punk is getting a lot chubbier? Seems so ^ ^

  5. akira: he is still having a great time hiding here n there, away from the fireworks. XD

    joshua: that would make my life so much more easier. :p

    tekkaus: thanks! happy chinese new year to you too. :)

    barbie: must be the angle. i'm trying to get it fatter, but impossible with my mum watching his diet. can't call him "my fat cat", but i show him off as "my handsome cat". ;)

  6. Why he wanna hide from the fireworks? Scare?

  7. Oh hey!
    You named your cat Yuki?
    Cool! I named my hamster Yuki.. LOL! :)

  8. akira: yup, the loud noises scared him. :p

    cashmere: too cool a name to ignore. that proves that you like japanese stuff as well! :D