Thursday, January 29, 2009

Chinese Zodiacs: Personalities

Chinese Zodiacs

the personalities of the chinese zodiacs, together with their matching signs.

RAT - people under the rat sign are usually smart and willing to accumulate wealth and to make efforts to be successful. throughout their lives, there will be many other people who can bring great fortune to them. thus despite timidity, most of them are happy and harmonious with others.
best match: dragon, monkey, ox
avoid: sheep, horse, rabbit, rooster

OX - people born in this year are probably honest, laborious, patient, obstinate, and poor at communication. leaders in their career may not discover their abilities. in their old age, they would be bestowed with happiness. Women are usually good wives who pay attention to children's education, but are likely to believe others' cajolery, so should be cautious.
best match: rat, snake, rooster
avoid: dragon, horse, sheep, dog, rabbit

TIGER - people born in the year of the tiger are tolerant, staunch, valiant, and respected. in their middle age, their fate may be uneven, but afterwards will enjoy a bright prospect. their shortcoming is to project themselves before others. but most women under the tiger sign are
intelligent, faithful and virtuous.
best match: horse, dog
avoid: snake, monkey

RABBIT - people born under the sign of the rabbit are gentle, sensitive, modest, and merciful and have strong memory. they like to communicate with others in a humorous manner. they cannot bear dull life, so they are good at creating romantic or interesting spice. but they lack meditative abilities and often sink money into ideas that may cause failures in their career.
best match: sheep, dog, pig
avoid: rat, ox, dragon, rooster, horse

DRAGON - people under the sign of the dragon are lively, energetic and fortunate. they often can be leaders and try to go for perfection. when they meet with difficulties, they are not discouraged. but they are a little arrogant, and impatient, and women are over- confident. if they overcome these defects, they can have a brighter future.
best match: rat, monkey, rooster
avoid: dog, ox, dragon, rabbit

SNAKE - people born in the year of the snake often have a good temper, a skill of communicating, and a gracious morality, but they are likely to be jealous and suspicious. they should be cautious about discussion with others, as that might cause them to lose friendship and opportunities. women under the sign of the snake do well in housework but are irritable. they might gradually enjoy happiness in their old age.
best match: ox, rooster
avoid: tiger, monkey, pig

HORSE - people born in the year of the horse have ingenious communicating techniques and in their community they always want to be in the limelight. they are active, clever, kind to others, and like to join in a venture career. they cannot bear too much constraint. However they are interested in only the superficial level of an object, neglecting the essence. once they suffer from failure, they become pessimistic.
best match: tiger, sheep, dog
avoid: rat, ox, rabbit, horse

GOAT - people under the sign of the sheep are tender, polite, filial, clever, and kind-hearted. they have special sensitivity to art and beauty, faith in a certain religion and a special fondness for quiet living. they cope with business cautiously and circumspectly. in their daily life, they try to be economical. women born in this year are willing to take good care of others, but they should avoid pessimism and hesitation.
best match: rabbit, horse, pig
avoid: rat, ox, dog

MONKEY - most people born in the Year of the Monkey are lively, flexible, and versatile. they love moving and sports. to help others they put their own business aside. when communicating, they do not like to be controlled and have a strong desire to present themselves. in their work, they will show amazing creativity. if they are not impatient and mouthy, they can gain more achievement.
best match: rat, dragon
avoid: tiger, snake, pig

ROOSTER - roosters are considered to be honest, bright, communicative, ambitious and warm-hearted. they might be enthusiastic about something quickly, but soon might be impassive. they have strong self-respect and seldom rely on others. as most roosters are born pretty or handsome, they might have several loves in their lives, treating each lover seriously. if they can overcome their arrogance, they will make more progress.
best match: ox, dragon, snake
avoid: rooster, dog, rabbit

DOG - one born in the year of dog has a straightforward character. in their career and love, they are faithful, courageous, dexterous, smart and warm-hearted. most women under this sign are appealing but lack stability. correct this defect and good fortune will come to them.
best match: tiger, rabbit, horse
avoid: ox, dragon, sheep, rooster

PIG - people born in the year of the pig are honest and frank. they have a calm appearance and strong heart, but they lack patience and independence. As they do not like to talk in a roundabout way, they are thought to be unsociable. luckily, they are tolerant and optimistic, so not until they become your friends can their virtue, advantages and fidelity to friendship be found.
best match: sheep, rabbit
avoid: snake, pig, monkey


  1. This year is not a good year for OX oh... :(

  2. Ox and Goat both not good this year.

  3. This is fun reading but I won't take it too seriously. If want accurate reading, need to consult a Bazi practitioner : )

  4. I'm bunny.. what r u levian

  5. Ouh my God, not good for Ox? That means I'm finished? Haha =)

    Anyway Happy Chinese New Year. Gong Xi Fatt Cai. =)

  6. Barbie love this post again ^ ^ I have fun reading the zodiac interpretation of myself! Thks for sharing princess! ^ ^ *hug*

    Oh, you know? the last time I was here, I copied the description about my zodiac, and "pasted" on my diary! ^ ^ heh heh... so I gonna do it again after I finished spamming your blog! *wink*

  7. akira, kriscell, tekkaus: this post isn't really about 2009's prediction. it is just the personalities of each zodiac. :)

    foongpc: don't worry, none of us is serious about it. it's just for fun n better understanding of each other. :)

    sharon: hi bunny, i'm a piggy. :D

    barbie: you are most welcome to do so, princess! i'm glad at least some of us is enjoying these posts. simply fascinating! :D

  8. :/ I'm not good in communication?

    Ox no good this year ar... I better take care of meself and stay low.

  9. Whoops... that's me post on top. Nuuu... ox no good for 2009 already showing! *absent minded*

  10. rollakid: honestly, yes in a way n no in a way? n that probably explain our communication breakdown? :p

  11. Haha, my zodiac, Ox, really represents me well indeed! XD

  12. I have my own issues and reasons :P Sometime I get a little (or very) selfish, but I do what I think (<- selfish) is best for everyone, especially myself :/ Can't take care of others if I can't take care of myself. Knock me silly if you want :p

    Akira and I same age~, okay, how many bad things happened to you already this year? 4 bad things happened to me already since this morning.

  13. akira: should find some description that state more bad stuff, that should be much more fun. :p

    rollakid: your "own" issue, you said? that's where you're wrong. problem don't occur when there is only 1 person. so that makes it "our" problem. once you started retreating into your own little comfy corner, things will never be solved. ignored for now maybe, but soon resurface to haunt again.

  14. I know what you mean, I won't deny the retreat to the comfy corner part, but seriously I have my "own" problem(s) and I need to be as comfy as I can get to go through it.

    I disagree with "problem don't occur when there is only one person". If you mean 'conflict', I might not deny it, but 'problem' is another thing. Hitting a problem is an obstacle, and sometimes you're your own obstacle.

    I'm a believer in "overcome yourself".

  15. rollakid: i would have fought the thoughts you have right now, but knowing you, you probably won't listen any further than that. i'll just hope your problem can be solved soon. it's never good to burden a weight for too long n along time become ignorant of it. you do get me thus far i hope.

    as a friend, i do not hope for you to fall into the similar pit like the other friend i told you before.

  16. Thanks for your concern :D

    One issue has been partly resolved, just finishing up the minor stuff now.

    Another one is all about finding the best compromise, for the rest of my life. I don't know what you'd think if I say there's no solution to solve the problem, but thinking it is solvable is ignorance (or too optimistic) by itself.

    I'm all fine now, as long as I have the will power to go on.

  17. rollakid: of course you do! you have it all within you n you've proven it so far. no doubting yourself since that's all you've got, n the best asset you've own ever.

    no solution eh, or perhaps a decision can do? it's difficult to imagine since i have no lead on what it is.