Friday, March 20, 2009

Reasons Behind Tears.

Sky (Photograph)

back towards everyone, seemed merely staring at the monitor; rarely was a tear streaked face exposed when emotions kick in n decide to take control.

tears are often said to be the substitute of words by psychologists, erupting especially when language can't express the feelings. sad-tears contained much higher stress hormones compare to happy-tears, thus often leads to agitation while crying. but once the upset passes, hormone levels go down, a sense of release will fill in as normal physiological n emotional states are restored.



  1. Sometimes need to let go.
    *pat pat*

  2. Can get ill if you keep everything to yourself. Get someone to listen to your troubles.

  3. Sometimes we can drop tears easily, sometimes not...

  4. Don't cry lah, there's always a solution for our problems.

  5. yeah levian...i have been working with my colleagues for many years...and we are very close ler...they are fun and crazy too

  6. Nice one, i hv learned something today

  7. Hope you'll feel better.. :)

  8. oh btw, you've been tagged here! ;-)

  9. Oh, it's OK to cry it out to let go the frustration and the stress. It's healthy to let it out and not keep it inside you.

    Nice photo there! : )

  10. i thought i was the one who cries when im stress, or sad, or angry, or pissed or absolutely everything. Even super touched and happy! Practically a cry baby i guess.. i don't know..

    So you're not the only one..
    And it's okay to cry better than stuffing everything inside

  11. Harsh truth of life won't last long if we don't let us be. Whatever has happened, just know that i always have your back. I hope you are doing okay by now @hug@ <3

    With Love,

  12. if you need a shoulder to cry on, i'll always be here 4u. *hugs*

  13. ECL: i have trouble looking for someone to voice out my agitation most of the time. everyone is busy over something all the time, thus i can only cry or rant in my blog. :)

    AKIRA: obviously. it depends on what it is. :)

    JL: it's not like i can help it. :)

    VIALENTINO: glad to know you're having fun with them, it makes work so much more interesting. :)

    JEROME: hope it helps you in any form in the future. :)

    cashmere: thanks! i'm feeling much better now. :)

    MONICA: thanks! i'll head over for the tag right away. :)

    FOONG: thanks for both the compliment n support. it feels so much better after letting it out. :)

    SHARON: thanks for the understanding, you're definitely not the only one. it happens to me quite a lot too when the emotions flood my mind. :)

    BARBIE: thanks princess, i'm doing way better after a great weekend now. :)

    LIFE RAMBLINGS: thanks for the support. :)

  14. Yup, sometimes can happen thru success...

  15. I totally agree with foong, crying is healthy when you need to let go of your negative feelings or stress and frustrations.

    I love your shot there!

  16. AKIRA: yes, i do comprehend that. :)

    AYIE: thanks! so glad you liked the shot. i basically cried instinctively, hardly ever controllable. :)

  17. I do that too at times (sssshh, our secret!) haha

  18. I wish that I could chat with you longer time, but for now, I'm quite busy to do so... :(

  19. AYIE: our little secret it is. XD glad to be sharing the same thought as you. :)

    AKIRA: no worries. finish your stuff, they are more important. i'll still be here when you're done. :)