Sunday, April 11, 2010

Kaiji: Jinsei Gyakuten Gemu (2009)

Kaiji: Jinsei Gyakuten Gemu

an anime/manga adapted live action movie put together the 2 main actors of Death Note's live action movie. they were forced on board a gambling ship to clear their debts. with their life at stake, everyone struggle to win a new life. an average film, like the other Live Action Movies, failed to really impress. however, the intensity of life n death made it interesting n worth to catch.

some backgrounds on the movie:
- director: Toya Sato (佐藤東弥)
- released: 2009
- casts: Tatsuya Fujiwara (藤原竜也), Kenichi Matsuyama (松山研一), Teruyuki Kagawa (香川照之)
- language: Japanese
- genre: Drama/Thriller

- Kaiji: Jinsei Gyakuten Gemu (2009)
- Kaiji 2: Jinsei Dakkai Gemu (2011)

Kaiji (screenshot)
Kaiji (screenshot)

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