Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse #4: Dead to the World (2004)

Dead to the World

Dead to the World was the fourth novel of the Southern Vampire series. Sookie Stackhouse, after broken up with the vampire Bill, hope to have her peaceful life back, n not get beaten up again by some supernatural creature. Bill then went out of town, to Peru for research. driving home from work one night, Sookie saw the vampire sheriff, Eric wandered out on the dark street, undressed n lacking any memory of who he was. soon she found out that his memories were destroyed by a coven of powerful witches, who just arrived in their small town. a bounty was placed on Eric, with a huge reward. Sookie treid to hide Eric, but Sookie's brother, Jason saw him, n disappeared after that. she was again, dangerously caught between a war among vampires, witches, n werewolves.

again, Charlain Harris managed to make this book a huge success! Sookie, as always, was a lot tougher than she seemed. she may be emotional, attracted to the weirdest kinda men, but she was good n learning fast to pick herself up n moving forward. she was, compare to Faythe in the Werecats series, easy to love n side with. her relationship however, was still a huge mess. she haven't gotten over vampire Bill, but she was attracted to vampire Eric, n also the connection between her n werewolf Alcide n shape-shifter Sam. at this point of the stories, one would missed out a lot if haven't catchup with its previous books.

author: Charlaine Harris
published: 2004
genre: Fantasy

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  1. The covers are sure eye-catching. ^^

  2. " soon she found out that his memories were destroyed by a coven of powerful witches, who just arrived in their small town."

    Oooooo...that sounds intriguing!

    And as Lina shared, the book covers are eye-catching!

    Hope you're having a super day, Levian!

  3. Memories can be destroyed that easily? Through what? Magic?

  4. lina:
    they are indeed!

    thanks! the witches are the new introduction for the series. they kinda change how things work at some point, making it rather refreshing!

    exactly, for even witches are divided into the good n bad bunch!