Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse #6: Definitely Dead (2006)

Dead as a Doornail

sixth book of the Southern Vampire series, Sookie for once, tried to date someone other than a vampire. Quinn was a were-tiger. but on their first date, they were already attacked by 2 were-people. Sookie was eager to know whether it was her or Quinn that was the target. but things get complicated when she was required to go to New Orleans to clean out her dead cousin, Hadley's apartment. Hadley had been a vampire, her death was unexpected for she was the favorite of the Vampire Queen of Louisiana. her death occurred just the night before the queen were to be politically married to the King of Arkansas. Hadley's landlady, Amelia, who was also a witch, joined Sookie to sort out the trouble Hadley left behind.

this was such a unique entry compared to its previous. it started out being rather confusing, especially when the Vampire Queen of Louisiana paid Sookie a visit in Bon Temps. it also included the life of Sookie's brother, Jason who became a new were-panther, now lived in the were-society with his were-panther girlfriend. as much as Sookie tried to gain complete control of her life, it was no surprise she was again pushed around. her family background that was finally revealed was also the least of what was expected! but like every previous entry for the Southern Vampire series, this entry was suspenseful, heartwarming, heartbreaking, funny, n of course, romantic. unfortunately, the plot this time doesn't evolved around Vampire Eric n Bill. however, they were involved when vampire politics came around.

author: Charlaine Harris
published: 2006
genre: Fantasy

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  1. part of your collection? I find the cover cute =)

  2. ayie:
    i totally agree! yes, this is part of my collection. having the whole series laid out in front of me was so satisfying!

  3. ayie:
    yes it was! i had its whole series stacked up nicely in my shelf.