Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse #7: All Together Dead (2007)

All Together Dead

Sookie was forced to attend an important vampire summit at Michigan, assisting the Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne. Sophie-Anne was weakened during the hurricane Katrina n will be on trial for the murder of her husband. Sookie knew her innocence, yet was hardly prepared for more murders to come her way. the Fellowship of the Sun, an anti-vampire church, continued their protests, making things difficult for not only the vampires. Sookie was reunited with her new telepathic friend, Barry the bellboy. as expected, strange things began to occur when the vampires were together. they turned out mysteriously dead, things got worst when these murders were connected to the queen's trial. for better or worst, it was up to Sookie n Barry to figure out what was going on.

there were always some tasty twists here n there throughout the novel. unfortunately, Sookie still didn't quite know who she loved yet. there were Quinn the were-panther, Eric n Bill the vampire, n Sam the shape-shifter. there were no closure on her relationship with Bill, it was quite a let down that he went from one of the strong main characters into some secondary character. but like Charlaine always managed to do, she made the pages intense yet hilarious, it was difficult not enjoy the ride all together!

author: Charlaine Harris
published: 2007
genre: Fantasy

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  1. So she is still undecided? Eennie, minnie mo. Haha :D

  2. It's nice to read a book review from you. The series sounds really interesting.

  3. "but like Charlaine always managed to do, she made the pages intense yet hilarious, it was difficult not enjoy the ride all together!"

    That's a sign of a GREAT writer!

    Another fab review, Levian! Thanks for sharing!

  4. tekkaus:
    haha! but with feelings intact, i'm not sure she can decide with just a simple point!

    thanks! i hope it would encourage you to take up the book the next time you come across it!

    thanks! i really had fun reading them, n hope by introducing it to my readers, more people can know about these hidden treasures!