Monday, June 13, 2011

Sookie Stackhouse #8: From Dead to Worse (2008)

From Dead to Worse

the eighth novel of the Southern Vampire series, From Dead to Worse (2008) continued from All Together Dead (2007), packing both romance n action into this supernatural series. after surviving a vampire hotel explosion, Sookie was back at her hometown, a small town called Bon Temps in Louisiana. she continued to distant herself from her ex-boyfriend, vampire Bill, while getting anxious not hearing anything from her current boyfriend, Quinn the were-tiger. when a were war erupted in Shreveport due to loyalty problems, the vampires were also fighting over power by disgracing the current queen Sophie-Anne. Sookie was pulled into the havoc, determined to save all her friends. in this book, Sookie managed to find out about the origin of her telepathic by meeting her great-grandfather, who was actually a faerie.

the book was so engaging it was difficult to put down! it has gotten more n more impossible to randomly read 1 book out of the whole series, for its characters were often brought over from 1 book to another. if not read sequentially, many details will be missed n most often led to confusion. at some point, the book felt like a combination of short stories put together, involving different set of people, which of course Sookie was among them. personally, despite reading many negative comments on this installment, i felt that it was so much fun to read! Charlaine put in humor n tension where she saw fit, which completely got me spellbound again n again!

author: Charlaine Harris
published: 2008
genre: Fantasy

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  1. It sounds like this if was made into film will be better than Twilight Saga :)

  2. Hello Levian, hope you can drop me an email or respond to the one I sent to you.. please.. thanks!!


  3. I haven't read any of these, bad me! But I need to.

  4. Wow...her great grandfather is a fearie? :p

  5. " Charlaine put in humor n tension where she saw fit, which completely got me spellbound again n again!"

    Don't you just love when a book does that?

    When I have some time, I must look into these books because they sound awesome!

    Thanks for sharing, Levian!

  6. jacc:
    unfortunately it was only made into series, i won't mind seeing a movie of it at all!

    i'm sorry, i don't feel secure taking your offer. but thanks anyway!

    you won't be able to put them down once you started it!

    exactly! n that's where she got her telepathic skill from, exciting isn't it!

    you bet i do! i'm sure once you start reading, you can't stop until you reach the most recent book she has to offer for this series!