Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sookie Stackhouse #9: Dead and Gone (2009)

Dead and Gone

the story continued after the explosion in From Dead to Worse (2008), Sookie returned to her hometown in Bon Temps. after the vampires revealed their existence to the world, the weres and shifters also came clean with their confessions. while most residents took the news fairy well, there were also those who reacted defensively. when Crystal, Jason's ex-wife, a pregnant were-panther was found dead crucified on a cross, Sookie agreed to observe everyone through her mind-reading ability for her brother Jason, with the aim of revealing the culprit.

after finishing From Dead to Worse (2008), it took us quite a while to find Dead and Gone (2009) in the market. to start reading it was even more difficult, for i had finished From Dead to Worse (2008) for almost a year by then. Sookie finding out that her Great-Grandfather Niall was the prince of the Fairy didn't turn out to be a joyous news. from there she found out that her parents were drowned by the same group of fairies that went against Niall, and they came after her next. they treated her sadistically, torturing her beyond her conscious mind, which was equally blurry for us readers. but that didn't make it any easier to endure, sitting at the edge of my seat waiting for the inhuman treatments to be over.

author: Charlaine Harris
published: 2009
genre: Fantasy

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