Friday, March 09, 2012

Women of the Otherworld #7: No Humans Involved (2007)

No Humans Involved

the seventh book followed the story of Jaime the necromancer. she was hired together with 2 frauds, by a television show to raise Marilyn Monroe's spirit. during filming, Jaime experienced something out of the ordinary, something she never came across while communicating with the ghosts. she was touched by ghosts that she cannot see. afraid that she was going crazy like most necromancers, she asked the Council for help. Jeremy the werewolf joined her as an escort, together with Eve and Kristof the ghosts, they discovered that children were killed by mere humans, who learn the art of witchcraft.

the series had gotten more and more engaging, i was absorbed into the story in no time! not to mention the heated scenes between Jaime and Jeremy, which we obviously seen it coming yet was never given a dose of. Jaime surprised me for being an excellent heroine, she may not be a natural like Elena the werewolf, but there were so much more about her that wasn't expose before. she was one of those characters that had taken me by surprise. the witchcraft plot was awesome, putting bits and pieces together, giving the book a very dark feel to it. who would have expect the big evil villains of the supernatural world turned out to be mere humans?

author: Kelley Armstrong
published: 2007
genre: Fantasy

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