Thursday, April 19, 2012

Un-Go (2011)


the story took place after the war where the city still continuously received terrorist attacks. Shinjuurou was a detective who solved mysterious crimes, together with his strange partner named Inga. but no matter the outcome, the credit always ended up going to detective Rinroku. Inga, as innocent as his childlike expression looked, can transformed into an adult woman, with the ability of hypnotizing her prey and forced the truth out of them.

the anime may not stood out or spare us any introduction of its characters, the storyline alone was enough to capture our curiosity and easily led us through. despite having detective material as its core, Inga made the show special and suprisingly refreshing. the mysteries they solved only got better and better, improving along the way. so did the character development, where we began to care more about what happened to them, especially Inga.

some background on the anime:
- episodes: 11
- director: Seiji Mizushima (水島精二)
- released: 2011
- language: Japanese
- genre: Mystery/Psychological

- Un-Go (2011)
- Un-Go: Inga-ron (2011)


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